Main federal inspector in Bryansk region L.M. Solomatin and deputy of governor of Bryansk region A.M. Zhigunov    31 March with working visited Surazh district   with B.P Zuzko and head of administration V.P. Rivanenko. Guestsputtheflowers   on the avenue of heroes to the monument people from Surazh   who died during Great War and honored the legacy minute’s silence.

There was a working meeting in the meeting room of district administration L.M. Solomatin and A.M.Zhigunov with members of district and town council, the head of village administration, heads of organizations and structural subdivision.  During this meeting problems of social and economic development of the district were discussed, the preparation to holiday of 70 of Great Victory, building and rebuild of local factory ZAO “Proletariy” and reconstruction of two     specialized secondary schools – pedagogical college named A.S. Puskin and agricultural technicum .

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Погода в Сураже