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Graduates of the lyceum – staff of JSC “Proletariy”. Future is in reliable hands!

Бывшая студентка ПЛ-22 Игнатькова Л.В - сотрудница АО Пролетарий 10 years ago in Surazhskiu professional lyceum No.22 with the support of JSC “Proletariy” the students of profile group “Operator of the machine for production of paper and board” finished their training. Today seven graduates of this group are working at the mill:
-    Ignatkova Lilia Vasilievna – storekeeper of raw material storage and final product of corrugated production;
-    Lagutenko Vladimir Nikolaevich – drying operator of paper machine department No.2
-    Volikov Alexander Alekseevich - general-duties man repair department;
-    Grakov Vasiliy Ivanovich – boiler-house operator of steam electric plant;
-    Chuiko Pavel Vasilievich – operator of boiler department;
-    Yarovikov Ivan Vladimirovich – drying operator of board machine No.2;
-    Yarovikov Stepan Vladimirovich – drying operator of board machine No.2; Lilia Vasilievna is the only woman from that group who stayed at “Proletariy”, she agreed to share her memorials with the visitors of web-site.

- Lilia Vasilievna: Did you go to study to lyceum after school at once?
- Yes. I did not want to go far from here and factory it is very interesting!  
- Did you continue your training?
- After studying I had practice at “Proletariy”, then I lived and worked in Moscow for two years. Then I returned to Surazh to the mill.  
- What did you get from the studying?
- Firstly, it is understanding of production process.  
If you work at such mill, it is not important what is your position, you should understand the process. We were trained everything: production technology, lab measurements, we were told about types of board and waste paper. This knowledge is very necessary now.   
-Are you pleased with the work?
- Yes, I am. It is friendly staff, smart management, but the most important I think – enjoying the work. I understood it here.
- What did you remember most of all during the studying in lyceum?
- Of course, I remember the trip to St.Petersburg. The mill gave a great present to all students of profile group: we were paid the tickets, living and all excursions in St.Petersburg. Museums, magic architecture, bridges, the Neva. It was like a fairy-tale!  
- Do you remember the day when you saw the manufacture for the first time? What were your impression?
- It was during the studying in lyceum. One per week on Wednesdays we came to the departments and the teachers told us and showed us all peculiarities of production process. Very often the lessons were at BM-5. When I saw the machine in operation for the first time, it makes me lose my breath! It was so interesting!
-Do you know this year the factory organized the other profile group in the lyceum?
- Yes, of course. The repair was done in the classrooms, new computers were bought, the scholarship is paid… I think many students and their parents are very thankful to the mill for this help.  
- What can you wish to the students?
- After finishing the lyceum the factory suggested me the education in St. Petersburg. I was promised  to pay my education in the university, good boarding house scholarship. In five years I would have higher education and to work at “Proletariy”. And I refused and I regret about it. I would like to advise the students: if you have such opportunity, do not refuse! I won’t regret!
- Thank you for your time. All the best to you! Success on your work!
- And all the best to you! And to new students – good luck! Examination period is very soon!


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