Visiting meeting was in Surazh on the issue of building waste sorting station

March 10 chairman of standing committee of legislative meeting of the region on the problems of consequences Chernobyl disaster and ecology Sergei Chesalin took part in visiting meeting in  Surazhskiy district. The following people also took part in the meeting: director of regional department of natural resources and ecology Tatiana Tsyganok, director of management Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources in Bryansk region Sergei Pirogov, representatives of OAO “Chistaya Planeta and management of municipal district. The topic of the meeting was discussing the issues of construction and challenges of start-up waste sorting station, its capacity will be 15 thous. ton per year.

We remind that last year regional operator waste handling provider planned to start up at the same time some complex on waste sorting – in Zhukovskiy, Trubchevskiy, Surahskiy districts, Novozybkovskiy and Klintrsovskiy districts of Bryansk region. Planned events were not done. Now regional operator is obliged to build these objects till the end of this year. Works will be done under the realization of regional project “Forming of complex system of treatment with municipal solid waste (national project “Ecology”). Participants of the meeting visited local landfill where civil work was not started. Moreover, start-up of the object planned on the first part of this year. At this moment the area is preparing, in the nearest time employees must start build a production building. Director  of regional department of natural resources and ecology of Bryansk region Tatiana Tsyganok pointed to General Director OAO “Chistaya Planeta” Vladimir Chashnikov on prohibition failure the deadlines on building the station, building the object should be done according to the plan. According the opinion of presented people regional operator should resume the activity on building of waste sorting complex in Surazhskiy district. It will allow to send recyclable materials for processing, to use waste as additional resource of energy and also to decrease volume and area of the landfill.
According to the material press-center of Bryansk regional Duma

Погода в Сураже