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Visit on CJSC "Proletariy" of representatives company Lang-Regler

March 15 representatives of German company «Lang-Regler» visited our company, its main office is situated in Eschborn. Company «Lang-Regler» is included in company «BELLMER». Main activity of the company is repair and rebuild o paper machines and equipment for production of technical board. Purpose of the visit is discussing of commercial proposal and plan of the work for audit of air system BM-5; including audit of exhaust air  of paper machine hood,  audit of supply air, audit of dry section of BM-5.

Representatives of company «Lang-Regler»:
- Johim Til, chief specialist;
- А.Haimerl, chief engineer;
- А.V. Krytyakov, translator and projects coordinator.  
Our mill was presented by:
- Yudenkov E.N., chief engineer of CJSC "Proletariy";
- Prigijiy G.A.. – chief power engineer of the mill;
- Lashko P.A.  – chief technologist;
- Kirin R.A. – technologist of department №2;
- Anikin D.V. – deputy chief of boiler room.  
Visit was in warm, friendly atmosphere, the result of the meeting became concluding of the contract.
For information:
History of the company «Bellmer» begins from 1842, when German industrialist Karl Bellmer bought paper mill located in the town Nifern.  Thank to brave ideas, delicate business instinct and concerted effort of the team today the company is known as leading specialist for repair and service of paper and board machine, technology of board production, paper and technology of separation. Clients of the company are the company located all over the world working in the sphere of technical board production, cellulose, paper.
Company «Lang-Regler» located in Germn town Eschborn 2007 combined with Hafner Luftungstechnik GmbH located in Apheltrah. As a consequence the company «LANG-HAFNER Air & Steam Technology GmbH» was founded. Today this company is a world leader on the service of steam and condensate systems and also condition systems and ventilation of pulp and paper industry.


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