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Voluntary changes to electronic labor books begins from the year 2020

It was necessary to put an application current or last employer about changing to electronic labor book or about keeping paper labor book.
•    Place and working period
•    Occupation (speciality, profession)
•   Qualification (job evaluation, grade, category)
•   Hire date, leaving date, transfer to another job
•    Grounds for termination of labor contract

Subsidies to monotowns

2 970 000 rub.will be given to budget of Surazhskiy district for support of small and medium business.
This money were given according to the result of competitive selection by Economic Development Department of Bryansk region.

According to the last year the newspaper “Bryanskie fakty” published top the most popular people of Bryansk region which contribute to the development of the region. General Director of JSC “Proletariy” Nikolay Viktorovich Kovtunov is in 10 top ratings.

We congratulate with Constitutional Day of Russia.

GBY “Complex center of social service of the population Surazhskiy district on order to help social support needy, large families organize charity event for collecting things “Unlimited goodness”. There was organized collecting point of children’s things (clothes and shoes of different age) at JSC Proletariy main building. Good clothes and shoes are taken. Transfer of things is doing via security staff at the central entrance.

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Other news

Ruslan Tushchenko -13 time champion from Surazh

Captain of football team “Proletariy”, coach of football club “Surazh” Ruslan Tishchenko has a birthday today. We wish him new sport winners, luck and prosperity!

Football Championship of Bryansk region 2020

Football Championship of  Bryansk region 2020
FT “Proletariy” will not take part in Football Championship this season. There is not team in the list published on official federation web-site. Players of football team “Proletariy” Ruslan Tishcnenko, Vyacheslav Andrushchenko, Sergei Vener in new season will play for the team “BGAY” Kokino.
There two groups of the teams. They are:


Long live football!

Long live football!
On Monday governor of Bryansk region Bogomaz Alexander signed a decree according to it some restrictive measures which were started because of COVID-19 are cancelled in the region. One of its item starting of football regional competitions...

March 10,2020 at the age of 33 football player Dmitriy Kurashko died

March 10,2020 at the age of 33 football player Dmitriy Kurashko died
At different time Dmitriy played in the teams Proletariy, UchKhoz Kokino, Trubchevsk. Management, players of football club “Proletariy” and fans pine over and express condolences to his relatives....

Win in the district championship

Win in the district championship
Monen’s volleyball team of JSC “Proletariy” won in the district championship. The teams of “Triumf’ and SPK named A.S.Pushkin also took part in the competition,...
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