Town Day

September 23 Surazh district celebrated 72 years release from Nazi aggressors and Town Day.
Holiday events in this day beganfrom putting the flowers to the monuments of soldier-releasers. Veterans and directors of the district put the flowers to the memorial on the town cemetery, obelisk on Jewish cemetery, communal cemetery undergrounders in Starya Kislovka.
Managers of district, war veterans, war workers, and representatives of workforce, pupils, students and guests gathered in the afternoon on the central square of the town.  
Head of district administration V.P. Rivanenko, district head V.P. Zuzko, veteran of Great Patriotic War I.D. Polubotko, senior citizen M.S. Terebilova congratulated all people.

 Drummer girls ensemble of art school named A.P. Kovalevskiy, fork ensemble of Cossack song named M.Lezhnev "Okolitsa". Labour veteran B.M. Barulya, young parents Denis and Elena Savostina, anniversary families Ivan and Zinaida Kratsova, Genadiy and Irina Chudopal, newly weeded couple Sergei and Nadezhda Sinenok was met with heavy applause.
 Six teams from schools andspecialized secondary school took part in field-and-track competitions. Winners from school №1 were awarded with diplom as from administration of Surazh district and district Soviet of people's deputy.
The celebration continued in central park where people were expected the concert of leader of group "Belyi Orel" Leonid Lytvinskiy  and holiday firework.

Погода в Сураже