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The third step of rebuild BM-5 on JSC “Prooltariy”

Дальнейшее развитие АО Пролетарий – 3 этап модернизации 5 КДМWithin the next step of rebuild of BM-5 JSC “Proletariy” visited three leading manufactures of the equipment for pulp and paper industry. During the negotiations with the suppliers the general conception of further rebuild BM-5 was developed.
Austrian company Andritz was the first company who gave the proposal. It is large machinery concern specialized on manufacture of the equipment for pulp and paper industry, it has more  than 180 representations in different countries of the world. The head office of the company is located in the town Graz, Austria.

Партнёры предлагают своё видение развития АО Пролетарий Then Finnish company Valmet Oy presented its concept of machine development. It is large conglomerate of heavy industry, established in 1951. The main sphere of the factories included in conglomerate, firstly it is technological line for pulp and paper industry, textile machines, diesel and gasoline motors for the planes, locomotives. Partners suggest their own vision for the development of JSC “Proletariy” cars. The company also manufactures weapon and military equipment, household appliances and electronics.
Company Voith also told about its vision of further development of BM-5 on JSC “Proletariy”. It is the world supplier of leading technologies and industrial services in pulp and paper industry and also in energetic sphere, oil and gas, raw material and transport spheres. We connect with this company not only with business but also friendly relations
The meetings were in warm, friendly atmosphere, the suppliers suggested a lot of interesting technical and technological solutions.
The main target of the third step BM-5 on JSC “Proletariy” is the increasing of the production of paper machine and further improvement the quality of the product. It will be reached because of the changing dryer section of BM and replacement of wire section. The rebuild will touch also stock preparation line, but the volume of the changes will be chosen later.  
The third step of rebuild will be divided into two parts: after the finishing of the first part the machine will increase the capacity on 30%; the second part will increase the capacity on 50…60%. After the finishing of this step of rebuild the speed of BM-5 will be 800 m/min.  
According the schedule most of the work will be done without the stop of the production, nevertheless, on the first step of rebuild BM-5 will be stopped on 30 days, on the second step the shutdown will be longer- 48 days. It connects with the necessity of making large civil work.   
Now engineers of JSC “Proletariy” have an important task: it is necessary to choose the supplier of the equipment to the spring of the next year. In 2018 it is planned the signing of the contract. Project realization is planned in 2019.

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