Book binder board

Book binder board got its name from main sphere of application. Most of all this kind of board I used in printing  industry for production of bind covers of fictions, vocabularies, encyclopedias, guides, covers (binds) of the books a d other printing products. Besides this book binder board is used for producing of cultural and household goods, casings, gaskets, table games, art reproduction, book packaging and other industrial products. Today   book bind board is bought for producing puzzles games which children and adults like. It is very easy to apply print because of good absorbability and it is not splited. Surface of book binder board has is ideal plain for color application, screen print and offset printing, blocking. Book binder board differs with density and stiffness to mechanical damages in comparison with other kind of technical board.  And thanks to some technical peculiarities binder board produced on ZAO “Proletariy” is better for laminating (cover of board base with vinyl paper, artificial leather and some kind of plastic tapes).
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