Technical board

According to the standard of Russia, board it is a material consisting from plant fibers which is different from the paper more thickness and basic weight. It is produced one layer and multi layer board. Inner layer are make from the raw in multi layers which are different from top layer.
Our factory is specialized in board production and products from it more than one century. Box board, core board, honey comb board, test liner, book binder board, match board, electrical insulating board (electrical board), gasket board it is only the part of our produced product range.
We can cut the board on the sheets and rolls of necessary size, to pack and to deliver in any time and place. It is also possible customer pick up of the products from our warehouses.
The quality of the board is carefully controlled on all production stages. We esteem our reputation and you can be sure in the quality of our products!
If you decided to buy our board first time, we will have huge discount for new customers. Estimate our products: we warrant you will remain satisfied!