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Bryansk region Cup on indoor soccer 2018-2019

According to the results of drawing procedure which was March 4, football club “Proletariy” in 1/4 final Bryansk region Cup on indoor soccer will meet with the team “Peresvet” (Novye Darkovichi). The match will be March 10 in Bryansk in the gym “BGITU”
In case of going Surazh team to semifinal they will meet with the winner of the couple “Bryanskoe – LP UMU (Glinishchevo) – “Sokol” (Seltso). Semifinal match will be in the same day – March 10. The place and time will be known later.

indoor soccer. Results of the tenth playing game

According to the results of 10th playing game the team “Proletariy” takes the second line of tour table of Bryansk region championship indoor soccer, the leader was “BryanskAgroStroi” with 8 scores.  
In the last matches football club “Proletariy won the teams “Shtorm” (Byansk) and “Bryanskoe-LP YMG” (Glinishchevo). Today Surazh team has 42 scores.

Ski track in Surazh – 2019

Last Friday it was annually “Ski track in Surazh”. Traditionally the place of sport competition became village Lesnoe and its area.
After official part where the flag of the competition was lifted, sportsmen were divided into 12 groups according to their age.
The least participants of the competition competed in the race five km.
Among the winners were security staff member of JSC “Proletariy” Alexander Smolyakov, he takes the first place in his group.
After finishing the competition the winners got diploma and financial gift.

Indoor soccer championship in Bryansk region 2018-2019

9 tour
February 2 (Sunday)




Начало игры: 11.00




Beginning of the game: 2.20 p.m.
Place: sport gym of pedagogical college in Surazh

Football passion or why the arbitrator was broken the jaw

Today the team “Proletariy” takes the third place in the first league of Bryansk region championship on indoor soccer. Surazh team won seven games from ten games, they took 21 scores. The leader is football club “BryanskAgroStroy”, the second place is the team “TCA” (Bryansk). While the teams of the first league are fighting for the cup, the player of one of the team second football league broke to the arbitrator the jaw.

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