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ФК “Пролетарий” вышел в финал Кубка Брянской области по футболу

ФК Пролетарий СуражФутбольный клуб "Пролетарий" в полуфинале Кубка Брянской области по футболу одержал победу над командой "Трубчевск". Матч проходил на домашнем стадионе Ипуть. В упорной борьбе ни одна из команд не хотела уступать. Основное время окончилось ничейным счетом 2:2. В дополнительное время Шелютов Олег забил победный гол, обеспечив тем самым ФК "Пролетарий" выход в финал.

Bryansk Football Championship 2018

23 tour
September 2 (Sunday)




1st devision
Stadium “Iput”, Surazh
Beginning at: 5:00 p.m.

Volleyball Cup of JSC “Proletariy” got the team of department #1

Volyball Cup of JSC “Proletariy” finished where the teams of departments #1, #2, managing department, security department and transport department took part. The place of the game was town’s beach. The main judge is coacher of football club “Proletariy” Kiselev Oleg.
Every team played with competitors. Under the result of the matches the owner of Voleyball Cup JSC “Proletariy” became the team of department #1 which got more scores. The second place took the team of department #2, the third place got the security department.

Football Cup of Bryansk region 2018

1/2 final
August 30 (Thursday)



 "Trubchevsk" (Trubchevsk)

1st devision
Stadium “Iput”, Surazh
Beginning at: 4:00 p.m.

Футбольный клуб ПролетарийFootball club “Proletariy” took the leader place in tour table again, he won the competitor “UchKhoz Kokino Partizan” on two scores.
After the match with football club “Sparta” finished with score 2:0 in favor Proletariy, we get 16 winners, no stand-off and only three losses. The team Proletariy got 48 scores.
Tomorrow at the stadium Iput it will meet with “Zenit” from Zukovka, who takes 3rd place in tour table. We wish luck to the players and coaching staff of football club “Proletariy”!

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