Production year 1964.
Snow cleaner SDP-M is used for cleaning railway lines with depth 1m, it is used mainly on running line and also for cleaning of station tracks. Construction of the cleaner SDP-M (photo 1) it is special full steel eight-wheel car equipped with at the ends moldboards. Moldboards are constantly installed at an angle of 50 ° to centre of track for falling down the snow to the right side along the snow cleaner. Moldboards consists of breast board 6 with lifting mechanism and wing assembly 7 and 8 with opening mechanism. Light wing of every moldboard ( it to look from body of snow cleaner). Besides moldboards snow cleaner includes such units as: carriage frame 2, two pull out couplers 1 with moving and fixation mechanism, body 3, pneumatic and brake equipment 4, electrical equipment 5.

Snow cleaner price: 600000 (six hundred) rub.

All issues in order to buy it you can ask Head of Procurement department - Cheplya Marina Vladimirovna