School supplies to children from deputy Kovtunov N.V.

Благотворительная помощь от депутата Брянской областной Думы Ковтунова Н. ВCopybooks, coloured pencils, paints, rulers, plasticine, albums and many others thing got children from large families from deputy Bryansk regional Duma, general director JSC “Proletariy”. Under all-Russian campaign “Prepare a child to school” it was bought 89 sets for children from large families, low-income and  families in difficult life situation.

Подарки к 1 сентября школьникам от имени Ковтунова Н. В.Present were given to 14 children from Krasnogorskiy, 23 from Gordeevskiy and 52 from Surazhskiy districts. Giving presents deputy assistant A.A. Kalinin wished children success in their study and to parents he wished insistence and unbroken enthusiasm for studying together with their children.

Погода в Сураже