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Preparation to warranty test BM-5

The date of warranty test for BM-5 comes closer. Production of technical board all this time is not stopped; the production already became higher in comparison before rebuild, the quality of produced technical board improved, however at this moment BM-5 did not reach project capacity. According to the concluded agreement at the end of August BM-5 will be stopped during two days. Within this time all necessary preparation work to the warranty run will be done. After it with participation of leading specialists “Proletariy” and representatives of “Voith” warranty test will be done within this time the capacity of paper machine will be increased till 100%.

According to the further development of paper machine some days ago engineer-consultant from Germany upon the invitation of “Voith” visited the mill. He estimated the quality of BM-5 operation, collected detail information on the parameters of BM-5 in order to give recommendations for the further development of the project. Today the main problem on updated paper machine is wire section; there are problems with the operation of floatlip formers. When this problem solves, the capacity of production technical board will be increased. As engineers from “Voith’ say, there is nothing critical in this problem, it is working moments, which will be solved further.


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Награждение команд
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Золотой дубль 2019г
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