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Party dress from birch cellulose

Экологически чистое платье из целлюлозы под брендом MarimekkoIt is planned in Finland (University Aalto, Helsinki) to start pilot project on commercial production textile from birch cellulose. It will be a small factory where the innovation will tested in the volume which is necessary for commercial production. It was informed about March 2 by the designer if technology “Ioncell”.
Fabric from this textile is compostable during its production it is not used chemical material and nontoxical ionic liquid as solvent was designed by professor of the University from Helsinki Ilkka Kilpelyanen.

This textile from innovation material is much harder than the same fibers on the base of cellulose such as viscose and cotton.  
The first dress from innovation material was created in autumn 2019 in research group with Finnish brand “Marimekko”. Printing of his the most known drawing Unikko (“Mak”) was applied to the fabric and after printing the fabric was sewed the dress. It was comfortable for using, fabric was washed good, it was informed in Marimekko about the result of tests.
Earlier in August 2018 president of France Emmanuel Macron during the visit to Finland got as the present a scarf, the material of the scarf was old jeans. And the wife of the president Finland Jenni Haukio gave a party on Independence Day in the dress “from birch”.
As it was informed earlier, investment volume to production line in campus of the University Aalto and University in Helsinki.  Espoo will be 4 mln.euro.
Process «Ioncell» thanks to it textile fibers are got from different kinds of raw material, including wood, processed newspaper or board, old cotton textile it is joint development of the University Aalto and University in Helsinki. During test period it was dreated dresses, jaket and even cover for iPad.


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