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Fleet of JSC “Proletariy” was renewed this year

In 2019 it was a big updating at JSC “Proletariy” of fleet. Four new tractor trucks Mercedes-Benz series “4 elements” with semitrailers. New haul trucks have improved service properties: intense front spring and more comfortable cabin. Two haul trucks were bought for transportation of the equipment. They have columns for fastening freight. Trailer truck will transport raw material and final products. They were bought to change old Mercedes Axor which was bought in 2009.
New trucks were given to experienced well recommended themselves drivers of JSC “Proletariy” not allowing accidents. Price of all trucks is 34 mln.rub.

After 3 months of working in new office

In September it was finished full repair of administrative building of JSC “Proletariy” and the staff of the factory returned to their places. It was changed covering the roof and third floor. It was installed glass privacy walls instead of wooden. New air system was installed, new heating and lightning systems. Project of rebuild was designed according to the wishes of the staff. Here is a common hall, rooms with glass privacy walls on the left and on the right, modern working places. The room chairman of the board and reception had a big rebuild.

Marshalko V.V. got certificate of honour and award pin

Начальник смены цеха 2 АО Пролетарий Маршалко В ВMarshalko Vitor Vasilievich, the head of shift department No.2 of JSC “Proletariy” for longstanding and dedicated work and because of 60 anniversary got Certificate of honour of Bryansk district  Duma and award pin. Reason: decision of the Soviet of Bryansk district Duma dated 19.11.2019 No. 3060-sd

International Mother’s Day was celebrated at JSC “Proletariy”

Поздравления и денежные премии сотрудникам предприятия в день материMother’s Day was celebrated in Russia November 24, 2019/ It is an international holiday  but every country celebrates it in different time. In Russia the holiday established with the decree of the President B.N. Eltsyn in 1998 and it celebrates in the last Sunday of November. Management of Proletariy was not shot out. Staff having many children took congratulations and money at the ceremony:

We kindly ask you not to park the cars in the yard of boarding house because of future work for dismantle of old building of the shop.

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Other news

March 10,2020 at the age of 33 football player Dmitriy Kurashko died

March 10,2020 at the age of 33 football player Dmitriy Kurashko died
At different time Dmitriy played in the teams Proletariy, UchKhoz Kokino, Trubchevsk. Management, players of football club “Proletariy” and fans pine over and express condolences to his relatives....

Win in the district championship

Win in the district championship
Monen’s volleyball team of JSC “Proletariy” won in the district championship. The teams of “Triumf’ and SPK named A.S.Pushkin also took part in the competition,...

Awarding of Surazhskiy football teams

Awarding of Surazhskiy football teams
It was the ceremonial awarding of local football teams “Proletariy” and “Surazh” December 7 on Saturday in local cultural center.
Fans and representatives of district...

Ceremonial of awarding the football teams

Ceremonial of awarding the football teams
Ceremonial of awarding the football teams

“Proletariy” (1 division) and “Surazh” (3 division)

will be in district culture center December 7.
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