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We ask you not to park cars in the yard of the boarding house from 23.04 to 27.04.2019 because of the work for changing of water supply pipe.

Management of JSC Proletariy took part in the meeting of national project “International cooperation and export”

Specialists of JSC “Proletariy” visited Naberezhnochelninskiy paper and board mill

ЗАО НП Набережночелнинский КБК имени С П ТитоваLeading specialists of JSC “Proletariy”: I.Knyazevskaya – commercial director, E. Yudenkov – chief engineer and A.Smaliy – deputy of head corrugated department with business visit visited Naberezhnochelninskiy paper and board mill. Main target of the visit – familiarization with the first in Russia high speed line for production of four flaps boxes Mitsubishi EVOL 100.
Specialists of JSC “Proletariy” also inspected sewage treatment of Naberezhnochelninskiy paper and board mill, spoke to management of the mill, knew job condition of the staff.

Voith specialists visited JSC “Proletariy” with business visit

Подготовка к третьему этапу модернизации 5 КДМJSC “Proletariy” cooperates with Voith company for a long time. Under the preparation to step-3 of BM-5 specialists of the company visited JSC “Proletariy”.The main purpose of the visit – collecting of information for proposal development for rebuild of the systems  taking into account planned volume of production technical board – base product of the mill.

For graduates of the ninth form

JSC “Proletariy”  in order to prepare specialists invites graduates of the ninth form of secondary schools for studying in profile group of the mill in Surazskiy industry agricultural college for program of preparation specialists of mid-level on specialty “Production of product from paper and board” with certification “Technical expert”.

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Награждение команд

Награждение команд
  7 декабря в РДК состоится
торжественная церемония награждения
футбольных команд

"Пролетарий" (1 дивизион)  и "Сураж" (3 дивизион)

Начало в 18:00

Золотой дубль 2019г

Золотой дубль 2019г
ФК "ПРОЛЕТАРИЙ" оформил золотой дубль, став одновременно Чемпионом и обладателем Кубка Брянской области по футболу 2019г.

Внимание - футбол 27 октября 2019

Внимание - футбол 27 октября 2019
Кубок Брянской области по футболу 2019г. ФИНАЛ 27 ОКТЯБРЯ (Воскресенье) "ПРОЛЕТАРИЙ" (СУРАЖ)-      "СОКОЛ" (Сельцо) 1-й дивизион Стадион "Динамо" г. Брянск
Начало игры: 13.00  
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