They fought for their Motherland


Of course, celebration of 70 anniversary of the Victory became the main event of the week.
May 9, at 10:00 a.m. it was opened ceremonial meeting on central square. Victory Banner was brought under the hike of Preobragenskiy regiment. Bright and memorable became performance from town schools, group of young drummer girls, dance groups of children’s activity center and art school.
Head of administration V.P. Rivanenko, student of pedagogical school Anastasia Lakeenko gave a speech before guests.  Participant of the Great Patriotic War I.G.Mazurenko addressed to young with appealing do not never forget about what price our people got the victory. 

Ceremonial meeting

 May 13, it was traditional putting the wreath and flowers to the monuments and obelisk of Surazh people died during the Great Patriotic War. Surazh people visited monument to tankers of 50 army, collective grave on Jewish cemetery,  obelisk to crypto, memorial to the memory on the territory of school №2. Veterans and young Surazh people honored the memory died with minute of silence, head of district administration V.P. Rivanenko , head of the town V. E. Kravchenko, veteran of the Great Patriotic War  I.D. Polubotko spoke about meaning of the Victory of Soviet people. Honored memory declared beneficiary Annunciation protopope Vladimir Faraon.

In order to remember…

To the celebration of 70 years of Victory recreation house ZAO “Proletariy” was decorated with banners and photos of participants of Great Patriotic War, late workers of the factory - mastermind, driver of the tank T-34 Konstantin Vasilievich Kovalenko , woman who worked in entertainment house , military nurse Natalia Egorovna Dubinchuk. Besides their shoulder there is a hell of battle, blood, losses and winners and hard time.

Event “St. George Ribbon”

April 22, expecting 70 years of Great Patriotic War popular patriotic event “St. George Ribbon” started.
As last years it is possible to get from the volunteers in the streets black and orange ribbons, the symbols of Victory day. According to the traditions ribbons will be free of charge. This special offer will be valid until May 9. Organizers promise the ribbons will be enough for all wishers.  
Weremember “St. GeorgeRibbons” appearedfirsttimeinspring 2005.  In 2006 this offer got All-Russian status. It is under slogan: “Victory of grandfather is my Victory, “I remember!  I am proud! “We are successors of Great War!”, “Thanks to grandfather for the factory!”


Last year in March participant of Stalingrad battle war veteran, ex-employee of ZAO “Proletariy”, citizen of Surazh district Afanaciy Leonidovich Mehedov dead. His remembrance about terrible fight under Stalingrad which was the peak during were kept with   district radio.

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