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Are expendable paper dishes better reusable plastic?

Многоразовая пластиковая посуда вреднее одноразовой бумажнойAccording to the order of  "European Paper Packaging Alliance" it was done interesting investigation by the company "Rambol" about influence of usage of expendable paper and reusable plastic dishes  on the environment. The investigation challenges popular opinion that reusable dishes influenced less on the environment than expendable dishes.

Разовая бумажная посуда намного безопаснее пластиковой«Politician and leaders of the sphere must make decisions based on science knowledge but not on persuasions and proposals, - Ignatsio Kapuano says head of Confederation of European Paper Industries and general director "Burgo Group Spa". It may seem illogical but the investigation Life Cycle Assessment shows clearly that environmentally friendly expendable products from paper are better for the environment than reusable plastic. We hope that the results of the investigation will help to European committee to prepare based of facts political events in 2021 namely according to future initiative in the sphere of environmentally friendly products (Sustainable Products Initiative)».
We remind that the investigation mentions only plastic reusable dishes; traditional ceramic, metal and others were excluded.
During the investigation  life cycle of 24 types of containers for food and drinks in fast food restaurants was studied, namely: glasses for hot and cold drinks, salad bowls with cover, packaging/plate/cover, glass for ice-cream, set of cutlery, bag, basket for frying. At the result,  it turned up that  reusable dishes on the base of polypropylene leave more than 2,5 bigger step of CO2 and requires in 3,6 more fresh water than expendable paper dishes. The reason is that necessary much more energy and water for washing, disinfection and drying of reusable dishes. «Today about 4,5 mln.ton products from plastic in the world may change paper alternative, –Jory Ringman general director CEPI says. – It will make positive impact on the climate and help to reach climate neutrality to the year 2050. Climate changing is the greatest problem of our time and we are obliged effectively to minimize our influence on it.   
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