Exhibitions ROSUPACK and PRINTECH 2021 was hold

Состоялись международные выставки RosUpak 2021 и Printech 2021In Moscow in Moscow Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” at the same time there was 25th Anniversary international exhibition of packaging industry RosUpack and 6th International exhibition of the equipment, technologies and material for printing and advertising Printech. Organizer of the events was international group of the companies Hyve.
RosUpack is the first exhibition of packaging industry in the world which was hold from the beginning of pandemic in anniversary 25 time gathered on its area representatives of Russian and foreign business.
Professionals of the sphere got a unique opportunity to know wide range of packaging equipment and material of the biggest world manufacturer and also with equipment, technologies and material for printing production presented in exposition Printech.

Televised phone-in with Vladimir Putin

Televised phone-in with Vladimir Putin will start today at 12.00 o’clock MSK

Waste of pulp and paper industry improve the quality of products from cement grout

Отходы ЦБП улучшают прочностные и теплоизоляционные свойства цементаScientists from the Perm National Research Polytechnic University published in the magazine "Safety in the Technosphere" the results of a study of the impact pulp and paper industry waste (lignosulfonates) on the quality of building materials. The article says that lignosulfonates increase the strength and thermal insulation characteristics of cement mortar products. This use of hardly degradable waste excludes their release into the environment.

The level of paper recycling in the USA in 2020 was 65,7%

Макулатура, подготовленная для вторичной переработкиInteresting dada was published by The American Forest & Paper Association, AF&PA. In 2020 in the USA the volume of used paper sent to recycling was 65,7%.
For the period from 1990 to 2009 this volume increased twice. So, it was mentioned in the association that recycle ratio for old corrugated containers in 2019 was 92%.
 “Paper recycling is the part of success in the sphere of environmental protection, - president and executive director AF&PA Heidi Brock told. Today more than twice paper is recycled than it is sent to waste deposit. It is evidence of consumers’ behavior and committal to the sphere of paper recycling. Members of AF&PA continue to invest to production infrastructure, it allows us to recycle more paper in the next years”.

Partners of JSC Proletariy” – about shutdown of BM-5

Elena Surpina - translator of Voith company
Партнёры АО Пролетарий, участвовавшие в модернизации КДМ 5-I got acquainted with the factory many years ago. In 2007 I came to Surazh with “Voith” for the first rebuild. That first stage of technical renovation was very small in terms of the scale of our concern. But then all Voith representatives were surprised by the dedication of the management from “Proletariy”, the desire to reach a new level and despite the extremely small scale of rebuild there was a clear understanding of where the company wants to move and how it wants to develop in the future. Since 14 years have passed and the changes that the enterprise has undergone, it is something incredible!

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Observation excursion at JSC “Proletariy” for students

Observation excursion at JSC “Proletariy” for students
September 24, students of the 2nd course of Surazhskiy industrial agricultural technical school studying at the specialty “Production of products from paper and board”...

Награждены почётными грамотами

Награждены почётными грамотами
Профессиональный праздник - день работников лесной, деревообрабатывающей и целлюлозно-бумажной промышленности...
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Corrugated board

Corrugated packaging