Expert of ONF Nikolay Alexenko visited physical sport center in Surazh and presented children there a new uniform

Expert of ONF Nikolay Alexeenko told about development of JSC “Proletariy”

Expert of thematic area ONF “Accommodation and urban environment” Nikolay Nikolaevich Alexeenko told in social network his opinion about development of JSC “Proletariy”. NIkolay Alexeenko in spring this year visited local economic mainstay in Surazh, it was written about on our web-site before.
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Duties of import of waste paper to Russia will be decreased

Макулатура оказалась очень дорогим и востребованным сырьёмMinpromtorg checks the possibility of decreasing import duty for waste paper from 5 to 0% - press service of ministry informed. They consider that this measure will help to increase lack of waste paper for production of container and industrial kings of board.
Deficit of board can be seen at the beginning of 2021. Shortage of waste paper for its production led to increasing the price reaching 50%.  
Because of this manufacturers of the goods became to suffer where product cost was increased because of increasing the price for packaging.

Does pulp and paper industry go out of the crisis?

Целлюлозно-бумажная промышленность России выходит из кризисаInteresting data were published by Federal State Statistics Service and Federal Customs Service of Russia. The first source informs that volume of industrial production of wood cellulose and cellulose from other fiber material in Russia in January-May 2021 reached 3,7 mln.ton, it is on 1,1% more than in the same period last year.
However, the second source (customs service) informs that export of wood cellulose in Russia decreased on 9% ( or to 331,8 thous.ton); for the 1st quarter 2021 export cellulose volume decreased on 7,1 ( or to 512 thous.ton).

It was panel discussion at JSC “Proletariy” vaccinal prevention of the coronavirus

Today July 9 it was a panel discussion at JSC Proletary "Vaccinal prevention of the coronavirus".круглый стол Вакцинопрофилактика коронавирусной инфекции The head Surazh regional hospital Dmitry Nikolaevich Teodorovich made a report on the current epidemiological situation. He told the audience about the dynamics of the number of cases of Covid-19, the peculiarities of the course of the disease and vaccine prevention.
Employees of JSC Proletary had the opportunity to ask directly their questions to the doctor of the Surazh Central Regional Hospital about vaccination against Covid-19. Everyone was invited to participate in the event.

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Observation excursion at JSC “Proletariy” for students
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