There is increasing of demand for newsprint and magazine paper

В странах Европы растёт спрос на газетную и журнальную бумагуThere is increasing of demand for newsprint and magazine paper
Before we wrote that pulp and paper industry of Russia comes out of crisis. It seems that the same situation is in European countries. European Association of manufacturers of polygraphic paper “Euro Graph” published curious information.
According to published data demand on newsprint paper in April this year in European countries increased on 4,3% or to 310 thous.ton (in the annual quantities).

JSC “Proletariy” needs: 
 a repairman for service of loading technics
Work status: full working day
- vocational secondary education (technical specialty);
- knowledge and experience of repair power devices, hydraulic equipment, auto electrics, undercarriage.
- salary from 40 000 rub;
- full benefits package.
All issues you can ask at staff department:
tel. 8-910-339-39-38     e-mail:    

Expert of ONF Nikolay Alexeenko visited litter sorting station in Surazh

Opening ceremony of square soldier-marines

It is organized production of paper straws for drinks

Бумажные соломинки для напитков теперь производят и в РоссииAs it is known, EU is preparing for full embargo of usage nonreusable plastic dishes in all food and drink venues. Pulp and paper industry reacted on this decision. Before we have already written than German company Drewsen Spezialpapiere starts production of paper straws for drinks.
 And Russia follows it: company “Lets Trade” in Lipetsk also started the line for production of food straws from moisture resistant paper. The price of the project – 124 mln.rub.

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Observation excursion at JSC “Proletariy” for students
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Награждены почётными грамотами
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Corrugated board

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