New vacuum equipment at BM-5

Сборка каркаса здания закончена, завершается монтаж стеновых панелейStaff of BM-5 and other staff of the mill saw a new building constructed next to the main building. Project manager on rebuild of BM-5 Aldokimov Sergei Maximovich told about new building and equipment, installation of it is in the process now.
- during the estimation of the third step of rebuild the management of the mill decided about changing of vacuum unit of BM-5. It was chosen vacuum water ring pumps.

Are expendable paper dishes better reusable plastic?

Многоразовая пластиковая посуда вреднее одноразовой бумажнойAccording to the order of  "European Paper Packaging Alliance" it was done interesting investigation by the company "Rambol" about influence of usage of expendable paper and reusable plastic dishes  on the environment. The investigation challenges popular opinion that reusable dishes influenced less on the environment than expendable dishes.

6 myths and facts about production of paper and board

Выпускать бумагу на старом оборудовании экономически невыгодноThere is a popular opinion that production of paper, board and products from them are harmful for the environment. Alexei Sergeev executive director SRO Association “League of waste paper processers” will help to understand if it is correct in reality.
Myth №1 paper industry destroys forest. For production of paper from row pulp is used less 15% of prepared forest in Russia, this value is on the level 11%.  
Usually it is the lowest-grade wood because high quality wood is more profitable to use in other spheres of industry: building, furniture production and others. Rejects from wood processing in mentioned spheres: clips, chippings, branches, bark are used as raw material for paper industry.

Vaccination from CoVid-19 at JSC Proletariy

Вакцинация от CoVid-19 на АО ПролетарийVaccination from coronavirus infection as a part of All-Russia mass vaccination campaign began at JSC Proletariy. About 100 employees of the mill wanted to do vaccination from CoVid-19.
Vaccination of the employees is doing in health post of the factory by the specialist of central hospital. Thus specialists of factory health post do all necessary preperations.

It will be started the production of cellulose from non-narcotic hemp

В Пензенской области начнут выпускать целлюлозу из ненаркотической коноплиProduction of cellulose from non-narcotic cellulose will start soon in Penzenskaya region at the place of stopped plant for elimination of chemical weapons, it was the official information published on web-site of the government.
According to the document Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation should conclude with “OOO Inter-industry innovation complex” agreement “About making and operation of the object for processing and keeping of fiber crops, raw material and products from it” at the place of stopped plant for  elimination of chemical weapons in Penzinskaya region “Leonidovka”

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Other news

АО Пролетарий на постоянную работу требуется:

АО Пролетарий на постоянную работу требуется:
АО Пролетарий требуется на постоянную работу: 
юрисконсульт юридического отдела
Форма занятости: полный рабочий день
Требования: высшее профессиональное образование и стаж работы по специальности не менее...

АО Пролетарий на постоянную работу требуются:

АО Пролетарий на постоянную работу требуются:
АО Пролетарий требуются на постоянную работу:
- диспетчер котельной
- мастер теплоэнергетического цеха
- инженер по эксплуатации теплотехнического оборудования
Форма занятости: полный рабочий день

Health examination the staff of JSC Proletariy

Health examination the staff of JSC Proletariy
According to the decree Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation dated 12.04.2011 N 302н (red. dated...

JSC Proletariy needs environmental engineer

JSC Proletariy needs environmental engineer
JSC Proletariy needs environmental engineer environmental engineer
Work status: full time
Requirements: high professional education, professional experience more 3 years.
- work organization in the field of environmental protection;
- designing of projects for perspective and current plans on environmental protection, control for its doing;
- control...

New welfare rooms of the department №1

New welfare rooms of the department №1
Full repair of welfare rooms of the department №1 at JSC “Proletariy” finished. Today staff from 350 people began to move to repaired building. “Not everybody...
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