В Брянской области прошёл VII чемпионат вальщиков леса «Лесоруб-2021»

На Брянщине прошёл чемпионат среди вальщиков леса Лесоруб-2021Седьмой открытый чемпионат Брянской области среди вальщиков леса «Лесоруб-2021» стартовал 6 августа 2021 года на территории мемориального комплекса «Лесникам-партизанам». На этот раз за звание лучшего соревновались и 28 вальщиков из Московской и Калининградской областей, республик Карелия, Татарстан и Чувашия. За Брянскую область выступали команды Брянского, Дубровского, Жуковского, Клетнянского, Навлинского, Суземского и Трубчевского лесничеств.

It was started production of environmentally friendly paper cups in St.Petesburg

Экологически безопасный бумажный стаканчик для горячих напитков It was started the production of environmentally friendly paper cups for hot and cold drinks which hare without plastic in St. Petersburg. Eco-packaging company “Polykap” makes the production of such cups.
As we were told in press service of the company paper cups without the ply of plastic and cover are produced from cellulose from sugar-cane.
According to their characteristics cups are better than the same cups from plastic: they have stylish form, they do not slide in the hand, do not heat, it is really important for hot drinks.

Preliminary results of rebuild BM-5

Третий этап модернизации КДМ 5 на АО Пролетарий (Сураж)In June and July this year on BM-5 after step-3 of rebuild it was got record volume of products. Today we can say that tasks of technological updating the line were reached. Sergei Aldokimov told about rebuild and its result.
- In spite on evident results there is some more work. But it should be because of volume of work which we realized.
Now there is a process of optimization the equipment, adjustment, training of the staff. Representatives of “Voith” company has already left, we are working with them remotely. Partners will do audit of the system and solve the notes if they appear. It is planned to confirm warranties in October.
-As the quality of the products, you told that had reached the target. Is it correct?

It was cold starting of productin on littter sorting station in Surazhskiy disctric

It was cold start of production on litter sorting station in Surazhskiy district as the petition of municipal solid waste in Bryansk region AO “Chistaya planeta” at the expense of non-budget, own funds under the realization of national project “Ecology” and it is a complex decision on sorting of waste. The target is to improve of ecological situation and decreasing the volume of municipal solid waste on landfill. This object is included in government program “Environmental protection, reproduction and use of natural resources of Bryansk region, governmental regulation of Bryansk region dated September 12, 2019 № 425-p Bryansk.

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Observation excursion at JSC “Proletariy” for students

Observation excursion at JSC “Proletariy” for students
September 24, students of the 2nd course of Surazhskiy industrial agricultural technical school studying at the specialty “Production of products from paper and board”...

Награждены почётными грамотами

Награждены почётными грамотами
Профессиональный праздник - день работников лесной, деревообрабатывающей и целлюлозно-бумажной промышленности...
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Corrugated board

Corrugated packaging