Price of Russian export of wood production increased on 28%

В первом полугодии 2021 года стоимость экспорта лесопродукции из России увеличилась на 28%Experts from the Federal Customs Service of Russia summed up the country's international trade turnover for the first quarter 2021. According to published data, from January to June 2021, Russia's foreign trade turnover reached a value of 347 mld.dollars i.e. increased on an annualized basis to 28.4%.
All Russian exports for the reporting months are estimated at  209,4 mld.dollars which is 28.4% more than in the same period  2020.
Non-CIS countries took 86.6% of total exports, CIS countries - 13.4%.



Russia reduced on 6% delivery of wood to China

Объём экспорта леса из России в Китай сократился на 6 процентовAccording to the data of experts company “TransLes” in the period from January to June 2021 there are good conditions on Russian and international markets, it is a high demand and the price level on wood and pulp-paper products. It is expected that positive dynamics of the demand on the products of forest industry will be kept, however the prices will be changed.
 First of all, this will be affected by increasing the competition in the USA sawn timber market against the backdrop of high market conditions and rapid saturation of this market.

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