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News of pulp and paper industry. JSC “KARTONTARA” rebuilds production lines

Новости ЦБП. АО КартонТара – производство гофрокартона Modern equipment is a key to success of ay mill, it was already mentioned about in the news of pulp and paper industry. Management of JSC “KartonTara” is a leader for corrugated board, corrugated container production and the biggest producer of technical paper for liner board of three and five layers of corrugated board. Today the mill created on the base of board plant with more than half century history, it is one of the biggest in our country. Under the news of pulp and paper industry, if to use 10% the capacity of the mill so the volume of corrugated container, corrugated board and products from it can be increased till 90 000 ton or about 190 mln.m2.

Not so long ago modern line for production of corrugated container was installed on the territory of the enterprise which was designed by one of the leading producers of such equipment. According to the information published in the news of pulp and paper industry, its advantage is its capacity and simple adjustment and control. As the participants of the conference which was in Maikop 6-7 October were convinced that updated equipment within one hour provides production till 24 000 boxes from corrugated board.
As the management of the enterprise told in press release for the news of pulp and paper industry this line is full automatic. All processes from the beginning of producing till getting the final product – boxes from corrugated board is done without participating of the workers.
For information. JSC “KartonTara” is the biggest on the south of Russia mill for production of corrugated board and technical board for liner layers of corrugated board. The mill is located in Maikop (capital Adygea) not far from Krasnodar. The enterprise is included in group “SFT-Group”.

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