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New water line of warehouse of waste paper was started-up

Новая водопроводная система на АО Пролетарий призвана снизить риск возгорания на складе сырьяNew water line on JSC “Proletariy was installed in order to decrease risk of fire on waste paper warehouse. Installation of new water line on warehouse of raw material was finished. It was send about one million rubles from budget of the mill.
Production of technical board from raw material firstly it is care about ecology. But keeping of big amount of waste paper in one place connects with some technical difficulties, one of them it is risk of fire. Two years ago there was a fire on warehouse for raw material on JSC “Proletariy”, we have already written about it on our web-site. Fortunately, the fire was stopped quickly and there was no big damage for the mill. But according to this incident the problem was found:  existing water line is not reliable and in case of emergency situations it is not always provide necessary water pressure. New water line is done for decision of this problem.

Новая линия водопровода на складе сырья АО Пролетарий.New water line on warehouse for raw material on JSC “Proletariy”. Every pulp and paper production including production of technical board it is a big risk of fire and new water line it is the first step of building complex fire-extinguisher system. It was designed by designers of JSC “Proletariy”. Next step is arrangement of baffle at the river for coming of fire-engines. Further it is planned to installed columns and to install there fire hose nozzle and also to buy equipment which will allow to increase water pressure in the pipe line in case of necessity.
Warehouse of waste paper has a high level of fire risk. Organization of fire-extinguisher system will allow to decrease fire risk. Also in summer raw material will be watered.


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