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Active stage of the third step rebuild BM-5 was started

Началась активная фаза 3 этапа модернизации КДМ №5There is active stage of step-3 rebuild BM-5. Main production machine BM-5 was stopped May 3. Planning staring date – May 18.
Main target of step-3 rebuild – increasing the production of the machine on 15..20%, decreasing quantity of used resources- water, gas and energy and also further improving the quality of production.

Before the shutdown it was done a big preparation work by the people of the mill and contractor companies. It is installed 85% of new equipment of stock preparation line, new vacuum unit, hydraulic station of press section and shoe press, reel, control panels were installed.
For 15 days it is planned to install all new equipment of step-3 rebuild BM-5, namely press section, new reel, new unwind of winder, it will be changed gear unit for the frame in dryer section, it will be installed connection of new vacuum unit,  header connection, new conveyer and some new pumps will be installed on stock preparation line.
About 300 employers and engineering personal of installation companies are working including foreign specialists from Spain, Germany and other countries. Because of pandemic CoVid-19, there are strict sanitary safety measures, all coming specialists do test for CoVid-19 every week.
Coming specialists of installation companies live in hotels in Surazh and neighbor towns, the food is organized.  
The training of the staff is doing on new equipment; it is also planned training during commissioning which will be after finishing the installation work.


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Ruslan Tushchenko -13 time champion from Surazh

Captain of football team “Proletariy”, coach of football club “Surazh” Ruslan Tishchenko has a birthday today. We wish him new sport winners, luck and prosperity!

Football Championship of Bryansk region 2020

Football Championship of  Bryansk region 2020
FT “Proletariy” will not take part in Football Championship this season. There is not team in the list published on official federation web-site. Players of football team “Proletariy” Ruslan Tishcnenko, Vyacheslav Andrushchenko, Sergei Vener in new season will play for the team “BGAY” Kokino.
There two groups of the teams. They are:


Long live football!

Long live football!
On Monday governor of Bryansk region Bogomaz Alexander signed a decree according to it some restrictive measures which were started because of COVID-19 are cancelled in the region. One of its item starting of football regional competitions...

March 10,2020 at the age of 33 football player Dmitriy Kurashko died

March 10,2020 at the age of 33 football player Dmitriy Kurashko died
At different time Dmitriy played in the teams Proletariy, UchKhoz Kokino, Trubchevsk. Management, players of football club “Proletariy” and fans pine over and express condolences to his relatives....

Win in the district championship

Win in the district championship
Monen’s volleyball team of JSC “Proletariy” won in the district championship. The teams of “Triumf’ and SPK named A.S.Pushkin also took part in the competition,...
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