It was cold starting of productin on littter sorting station in Surazhskiy disctric

It was cold start of production on litter sorting station in Surazhskiy district as the petition of municipal solid waste in Bryansk region AO “Chistaya planeta” at the expense of non-budget, own funds under the realization of national project “Ecology” and it is a complex decision on sorting of waste. The target is to improve of ecological situation and decreasing the volume of municipal solid waste on landfill. This object is included in government program “Environmental protection, reproduction and use of natural resources of Bryansk region, governmental regulation of Bryansk region dated September 12, 2019 № 425-p Bryansk.

Litter sorting staion built in Surazh under the realization of national project “Ecology” litter sorting complex per year can process 15 thous. of household waste which will be sent from three districts of Bryansk region: Surazhskiy, Unechskiy, Gordeevskiy and also from two villages village settlement – Glinnovskiyand Rudnevorobiyovskiy. There is an area for composting on the territory of litter sorting station. Technology of composting  which will be used in Surashskaya litter sorting station is consist of mechanical biological treatment organic fraction of municipal solid waste based on thermal disinfection. This type of treatment is pollution-fee, it allows to decrease the volume of dumped waste, to decrease carbon footprint and to get useful marketable product – technical compost.
So, new object for processing of municipal solid waste will cover the territory where 55 thous. people live. The volume on Surazhskaya litter sorting station from these towns will be 5 % from total volume of waste produced in Bryansk region. Starting-up of new litter sorting station will allow to extend geography of project realization separate waste collection in our region and to install on container areas of Surazhskiy, Unecheskiy, Goredeevskiy districts special grilled accumulators for collecting of recyclables.
- Now on the territory of new litter soring station work for arrangement of the territory is almost finished and there is training of the staff on production complex. Opening of litter sorting station in Surazh will give additional working places. There will be 31 employees. Most of the workers will be local people, - general manager of AO “Chistaya planeta” Vladimir Chashnikov.

Погода в Сураже