Museum Surazhichi is ten years old!

Today the museum “Surazhichi” celebrates its anniversary, organized in the building of the hotel and headed for 10 years by Ludmila Timofeevna Sokolova.
Ludmila Timofeevna told us about the appearing of the museum.
“In 2009 Ivan Vladimirovich Medved deputy of Regional Duma in Surazhskiy single-member constituency arrived in Surazh for the first time. He was impressed the beauty of the town and its area and especially –the village Lyalichi. Ivan Vladimirovich bought the hotel. When he got acquainted with its history he called it “Surazhichi and decided to do the museum there. He invited me, at that moment I was working in the education department. The preparation began. Without help of Surazh people we did not do anything.   
People brought a lot of things there. So, we collected more 700 exhibit items. May not all of them meet the requirements but they reflect the soul of Surazhskiy district.

The museum was opened in autumn 2009. People began to visit it. Today we calculated 15902 visitors.
We do thematic, sightseeing tour, weekend excursion, meet the quests.  
“The factory Proletariy supported a lot. Yuriy Ivanovich Bondarev provided us the board for exhibits, we have a lot of exhibits and all of them are from the paper of Proletariy. He presented us the picture where the house of the previous topsman in Lyalichi. He also gave to the museum the book about the factory of Mukhin. We got the access to the worehouses of archives of the factory. We found there interesting photos and prepared the portfolio file about the factory and did the exhibit devoted to the fist director of Proletariy Yakov Lovianov.  
Nikolay Viktorovich Kovtunov is very ordinary and responsive person. It was organized Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted in the town by his initiative. At that time the community center of Proletariy was working. They really helped us me to organize this museum. It is not easy to get and to buy something. All walls are with the exhibits. Today because of the anniversary we organized the exhibit outside, people come and see our exhibits with interest.   
We were glad with our club when we knew that Nikolay Viktorovich is going to be a deputy of Bryansk regional Duma. It is very good. He is a good, essential and imposing man, he is in the age when it is necessary to work. And he works.
We invite all people in Surazh to visit our museum.


Погода в Сураже