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Long live football!

On Monday governor of Bryansk region Bogomaz Alexander signed a decree according to it some restrictive measures which were started because of COVID-19 are cancelled in the region. One of its item starting of football regional competitions with special requirements. It is very long-expected event for Bryansk regional football federation, teams and fans.

Federation President Andrei Artemiev had meeting of Executive committee BRFF where some organizational issues were discussed. The first issue was awareness with instruction of regional sport committee where necessary requirements for organizing of the competitions were pointed. The most meaningful moment is prohibition for fans to visit competitions, it means the match of regional competitions will be without spectators. In this situation it is sad but it is necessary for starting tours. Beginning of the competitions is planned August 1-2 and last tours of the season will be November 14-15.
Schedule of championship and supremacy will be busy that is why Executive committee BRFF took decision to refuse on this season from cup tours – Super Cup, Regional Cup of the second division and Cup in the honor of the first president BRFF Navrotskiy V.I.

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