Information from Ministry of Emergency Situations

July 27 and at night 2015-07-28 on the territory of the region it will be complex of negative derecho: hard rain, thunderstorm, hail, with wind blowing till 22 m/s.
At the result of these weather conditions probability of appearanceemergency situations  increases  connected with break of communication connections and power line, breaking in operation of transport and housing and municipal services, increasing of transport accidents, falling down  of the roofs from buildings, falling down  of weak constructions, unwatering  law areas, population places, roads, dirt of storm drain and drainage systems, defeating of electricity facilities, fuel and lubricant storage and also other  objects including equipped with lightning protector, lighting. 

 In this period necessary:
- be careful during movement;
- during strong wind not to be near banners and  other easy construction, trees;
- to limit the work on open air and at a height;
- be careful during going broken wire.
In case of emergency situations you can call   01, 112.
To call to the center of crisis management center of main management Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in Bryansk region and ask help on the telephone «01», from mobile – «101», «112».

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