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History of JSC "Proletariy"

Today JSC "Proletariy" is one of the board producer leaders in Russia. The beginning was in 1894 year when merchant from Gomel Yakov Lovianov found small factory for board producing. In order to involve additional resources Yakov Lovianov organized “Partnership of Surazh paper board factory named Y.G.Lovianov”. Partnership was organized in 4 years, main room (today it is main office) and main warehouse were located inthe city Gomel of Mogilev province.
In order to increase the area of paper and board production in 1902 the contract with German company “Voith” was signed for manufacture and delivery of new paper machine with production 9.000 ton of paper  in a year. The building of new brick construction for new machine was begun.  All works for building, its installation, erection and also axillary equipment were finished in 1904 year. At the end of 1905 year new paper machine was started up (now it is paper machine  №2) pulp and stock preparation department.  So from that moment full board production was begun.

At that time pulp felt machines, hydraulic presses, dryer for sheet board and finishing colanders were started up.That new building for stock preparation department is used up to now. And from the front side we can see the numbers 1905 year.
In 1914 the owner was changed: Lovianov sold the factory to the merchant Tseintlin. 
In 1916 “Partnership of Surazh paper board factory named Y.G.Lovianov” was changed in stock company of “Surazh paper and board factories”.
After October Revolution factory for production of paper and board passed to the workers and named “Proletariy” and this name is used up to now. Till 1917 year 500 people worked on the factory. Thanks to the conditions of party organization, pains of all workers, technical specialists and all staff already in 1923 year the production of paper and board exceeded pre-revolution level. Because of difficult political situation in the country till 1928 the factory worked with interruptions, and then these difficulties were decided.  At that moment the product range was chosen in according to the raw material and demand for product. Mainly it was produced the products for light industry - wood board for shoes industry on pulp felt machines, wrapping and wall paper on paper machine now it isBM №2. The capacity of the equipment is always increased. In 1929 the production of the board per day was 5 ton, paper was 18 ton, 9 ton of pulp. It was the limit of the production of the old equipment. It was the necessity of extension the factory.
February 23, 1933 project of rebuild was approved. According to the project after extension the factory should become the first and alone board factory in the Union which specialized on the production of high quality technical kind of board.  The building of the factory was with interruptions rebuild project changed, material of construction were not enough- concrete, bricks, metal, wood. But in spite of these faults all facilities which planned during the last rebuild project were built in a short time from 1930 to 1936.
At  the beginning of 1941 the factory was stopped as strategic location, dismantling of the equipment and its shipment by railway to the East part of the country was begun.  After the war besides pulp felt machine and hydraulic press for production of vintage board the dryer “Benta –Shilde” and all finishing equipment was delivered.
In 1956 new equipment from German Democratic Republicwas installed. Increasing the board production during 1950-1955 happened because of stat up paper machines №3 and №4. Reconstruction and rebuild works were finished to 1955. Capacity of the factory was 17, 6 thousands ton of the board per year. 
In 1969-1970 the schedule of installation new milling equipment was done. The latter half of 80th years “Proletariy” worked rhythmical, and it exceeds state production plans. It was offered more than 27 types and brands of technical board of different thickness. Annual production of paper and board was 47-48 000 ton.
In 1998 in spite of August financial crisis the factory continued increasing production. I was produced 26742 ton of paper and board and it was more on 5295 ton than in 1997. Until recently only one factory of the technical board “Proletariy” in the Union which made products for defense industry and power industry, sealing produced here used for with almost all auto and tractor plants. Unequal matrix board was known on all big polygraphic factories, radiosonde board was used by forecaster.

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