Graduate prom

Ceremonial presentation of graduates 2015was on the central squarelast Thursday.
Surazh people and guest of Surazh were bystanders of memorable combined graduate ball of graduates 3 schools and country schools Dubrovskaya and Novodrokovskaya schools. This year there were 117 graduates of the district, 21 medalists are from them. 

   Congratulations and mental speech were spoken to graduates from head of district administration V.P. Rivanenko , head of district educational department L.E. Zhigalova, director of school 3 A.E.Kravchenko, from parents – L.A. Boblak. Master of ceremony read congratulations from head of region A.V. Bogomaz and member of regional duma A.V. Kurov.



Погода в Сураже