Spots and health center will be started-up to New Year

Физкультурно-оздоровительный комплекс в Сураже заработает к новому годуGood news for Surazh and its people and long hoped present to New Year will be sports and health center; builders promise to start-up to the end of  2018. Construction of spots and health center began seven years ago, it was written about in news of Surazh and in social network. At that moment because of absence of money and some organizing mistakes the work was stopped. Alexander Bogomaz governor of Bryansk region became to control personally the construction and according to the plan till the end of this year sports and health center in Surazh must be ready.

At this moment the building equipped with furniture, sport equipment, sanitary equipment, commissioning of the heating and hot water is in the process. Sports and health center in Surazh includes universal gym, gym of sport equipment, room for boxing and wrestling. It is planned to have competitions there and lessons of indoor soccer, volleyball, handball, basketball and other sport competition.
There is a playground outside, football field, basketball area, outdoor activities area, bikeway, arbor and area for child’s drawing.
We hope this time the builders will finish on time, the quality of the building will be great and to the holidays material devoted to the opening of new sports and health center will appear in Surazh news.


Погода в Сураже