Epidemy of flue in Bryansk region

Season of flue epidemy in Bryansk region began earlier than usually. In December number of sick people among adults and children epidemiologic level. Usually season of ARVI and flue in the region begin in March – February. It was declared quarantine in all hospitals before New Year. Among sick people 25 persons have diagnoses “hongkongese” or in a scientific flue H3N2.

Doctors explained that this virus stamp is learned very well and appeal people not to panic and follow usual safety measures for preventive and treatment of season ARVI and flue. This flue was popular in 80-90 years.
Doctors advice to people from Surazh and from other district of the region to take vitamins and follow usual measures of personal care: to wash hands regularly, try to avoid mass gathering, to use medical masks.
On New Year holidays flue epidemy and ARVI became to decrease. But its level is still higher.
Take care of your relatives and yourself.


Погода в Сураже