Difficult situation in Surazh central hospital

It was a big meeting of expert group under the management of chairman committee on social politic issues and public health of Bryansk regional duma V.G. Penukov in September 9 in district administration.  It was devoted difficult situation which was in Surazh hospital.
Expert group of specialists Bryansk region Duma, Region Government, Department of health of Bryansk region, territorial fund of compulsory health insurance analyzed the result of activity of Surazh district hospital in the first quarter of 2015. It was noted that polyclinic department calculated on 560 visiting per shift and day patient facility on 72 places are capable to provide the population of the district with full medical help. However, application and regrets from people shows about unrealized opportunities of local medicine.

Working group found main disadvantages educed with "Post kachestva" - excess of waiting period for plan diagnostic, absence of X-ray examination on dentist practice, full opportunities did not use for standard medical examination of population.
It was recommended to head of district V.P. Zuzko, the head of district administration V.P. Rivanenko to improve the work of polyclinic department and in-patient department, to reinforce thecontrol for using of drugs, medical personnel during the serving of   patients should pay maximum attention, takt and cares. 

Погода в Сураже