Corrugated board

It is difficult to overestimate the role of corrugated board in modern world. Besides it is the most famous packaging material, corrugated board is also used in building activity, during the furniture delivery, during the production of different decorative products. Even the world of film production and show business can not dispense without corrugated board!
Three layer corrugated board is the most popular corrugated board, its production is 93% from total corrugated board production in the world. It consists from two plain layers and one layer of crepe paper. Crepe layer is produced from thick (112-175 gm/m2) material, usually it is paper ofmark B0-B3, it has rather high profile (1, 5- 8 mm).  This value is for corrugated board from A to E. Plain layer it is a usual board (it is often used mark from K0 to K3), the density is 110-175 gm/m2 brown and white colors.
During the production of corrugated board colour printing is covered on top plain layers if necessary.
According to the standard P 52901-2007 three layers corrugated board divided into marks Т-21, Т-22, Т-23,Т-24 and differs with density and other characteristics.
According to the custom’s choice we can produce any batch of corrugated board, if necessary we can cut it on the sheets of necessary dimensions (also with difficult cuttings), cover the printing, package and delivery it in any time and place. It is also possible customer pick up.
Did you decide to buy corrugated board first time? We have constant discount system for our new buyers. Estimate our products: we warrant you will not regret!

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