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ConSys – reliable partner of "Proletariy"

"OOO "ConSys" started-up on CJSC "Proletariy" control system of steam and condensate system and heat recovery system of paper machine in period from June 25 till July 6, 2011. Specialists of the company suggested complex decision of the tasks from engineering and specification till commissioning and start-up. All work has done with good quality and on high professional level according to the agreed schedule, it is very important under the conditions of continuous production. We thank specialists of OOO "ConSys" for their professional approach to the purpose and we hope for further cooperation".

This letter of thanks was sent to the specialists of St.Petersburg Company "ConSys" from management of "Proletariy" almost five years ago. Then Contractor Company deserved a great reliance, confirmed quality and reliability and cooperation with Surazh "heat" of economy in the whole town was continued in 2015 during the realization of a major project – rebuild of BM-5.

Manager of the whole process of automation system installation was deputy of general director Mr. Vasiliev D.V. Our conversation with him was after finishing of rebuild BM-5.
- Danila Vladimirivich, traditional question. Tell us, please, about main activity of your company.  
- Company "ConSys" founded in 1996 today makes the cycle of the work for production of automation: from the settings till start-up. Complex approach to the realization automated control system of the process includes engineering of the project and software, manufacture of equipment, installation and commissioning, training. Besides, company makes the supply of the parts for automation system beyond the scope of the project.
- Which other spheres do you work, which suppliers and partners?
- We have the experience not only in pulp and paper industry but also in the other spheres: lift machinery, corrugated production, water production, metal mining industry, control of stage equipment, rebuild of processing machines.
From 2001  "ConSys" is the official distributor of Japan company Mitsubishi Electric and Swedish company Leine&Linde. Partner relations we have and with foreign suppliers Kraus&Naimer (Austria), Control Techniques, Balluff GmbH, Fukuta.
- Go back to rebuild of "Proletariy". Which department are the specialists of company "ConSys" responsible?
- Company "ConSys" is the supplier of electrical equipment and control system for second step o frebuild BM-5 CJSC "Proletariy". We were responsible for engineering of project documents, package and manufacture of control cabinets, commissioning works.
In general 18 sections were supplied consisting from 40 power motor cabinets with capacity 4 MW. Cabinets are aimed for control of 130 electric drives on stock preparation department of top and OCC layer, approach system, steam and condensate system and not adjustable drive of BM-5.  Seven automation cabinets with remote stations I/O with general number till 1000 points of i/o. This equipment is about 50 manufactured control cabinets from the whole project. It was used equipment from leading producers companies Siemens and Mitsubishi Electric during the manufacture of all cabinets.
- Did you have any difficulties?
- You cannot avoid it at any mill. The time is determined not only with our opportunities but also mutual readiness of all systems, teams, companies. Besides, long shut down of the production seldom finishes in time, and planned shut - down of BM-5 was 30 days.  
Installation and commissioning work was done by the specialists during shut-down. Then it was the start-up of equipment. We worked together with the head of electric department Mr. Zapekin D.S. and the head of automation department Mr. Gontar A.F.   
- It means your company is serious company, your specialists has real responsibility.  
- That is why all our specialists are qualified, experienced, they know their work. All commissioning work on "Proletariy" was done by the team of seven specialists. I don’t doubtn in their professionalism.  
- What are your plans for future?
- After BM-5 we will go with the same specialists to Syktyvkar where one of the biggest producers of pulp and paper products in Russia is located. It is planned there rebuild work on biological purification plants. Then we will plan to start-up four big container electric cranes, equipment for control systems which is already loaded.
Besides, one of the tasks is the support of already started-up systems including BM-5.
- Our discussion I started from the words of thanks to company "ConSys" from "Proletariy". Can you answer the same?  
- Sure. It is pleased to work with management of the mill and also with the specialists in general. Friendly staff, qualified specialists, we didn’t have any communication problems, we had only understanding and support. And if we can draw any comparison scale, so "Proletariy" will have more pluses.
Characteristic of the object :
- stock preparation department of BM-5 CJSC  "Proletariy".
Purpose of the project:
- providing the control of new equipment company from "Voith" installed in stock preparation department of BM-5 during rebuild.  
- providing integration of new and existing equipment.
Origin situation:
- Existing control system is done on base PLC Simatic S7-300. Remote stations I/O series S7-300. Drive control on base on frequency converters Micromaster 400 and modules Simocode controlled on ProfiBus. Project is done on base of software Siemens Simatic Step7 v5.4. Visualization includes operator stations realized on base of software company   Siemens VinCC.
Volume of the work:
- data base
- design of the documents in sections EM and I&CР
- assembly and supply of cabinet equipment for drive control to the customer  
- assembly and supply of the cabinets  to the customer  
- software engineering for PLC
- software engineering for visualization of technological process on base of InTouch Wonderware
- installation work on control system
- commissioning work
- hand -over of the object
Used equipment:
-Equipment of company Siemens: program logic controller series S7-300, frequency converters series G120, control modules series  Simocode V.
Equipment of the company Mitsubishi Electric: automatic switches with nominal value from 1 to 1250 А, contactors with nominal value from 1 to 1250 А.

Tatiana Obydenikova for district newspaper "Voshod".

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