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В Украине создали бумажную упаковку из опавших листьев

Украинский студент разработал технологию выпуска бумаги из листьевУкраинский студент запатентовал методику, позволяющую перерабатывать опавшие листья и изготавливать из них бумагу. 
Чтобы вывезти опавшие листья с городских улиц, коммунальщики тратят огромные средства и усилия. Решение этой проблемы нашёл второкурскник Киевского Национального университета им. Т. Шевченко Валентин Фречка. Студент разработал технологию, позволяющую из опавших листьев в промышленных условиях изготавливать бумагу. И вот, спустя два года свет увидели первые образцы: осенняя листва из городского парка превратилась в упаковки для яиц, картонные трубочки для напитков и рулоны бумаги.

India is going to reduce import of paper

Профсоюзы Индии высказались за частичный запрет импорта бумагиLabor union minister of India Nitin Gadkary declared that it is necessary to prevent the country to import paper in order to stimulate domestic paper industry.
Minister of MMSP also declared for usage of bamboo as raw material for industry because it is possible to produce from it different kinds of paper. “The government gave 1300 crores for “Bamboo mission”, - he declared. It was sent big amount of paper to India in spite of the presence in the country separate production sector. I really worry about perspectives of increasing small scale pulp and paper industry which is an important part of MMSP”.

Government prohibited the import of waste paper and waste from the Ukraine

Правительство России расширило список санкций против УкраиныRussian Government took two decrees which extend sanctions against the Ukraine. The list of prohibited import goods from the Ukraine is extended. Among them – waste paper, starch and off-quality paper. The documents were signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
The list of goods prohibited to import was filled up with corn starch, fructose and glucose, hot-water bags, medical equipment (ball syringe, airway, Esmarch's irrigator), waste paper and off-quality paper, radiators, central heating boilers and parts of the pumps.

“Knauf Petrobord” opened after rebuild in Leningradskiy region

Открылся крупнейший в России завод по выпуску облицовочного картонаOfficial opening of the biggest in Russia plant for production of liner board AO “KNAUF PETROBORD” after two year rebuild was done in  Kommunar Leningradskiy region. Tota amoun of investment was 3,5 md.rub.
The following people took part in the opening ceremony: Alexander Yurievich Drozdenko – governor of Leningradskiy region, Nikolas Knauf  - part-owner of international group Knauf, Manfred Grundke - honorary consul of Russia in Germany, Eltie Aderkhold – managing partner of international group Knauf, Yanis Kraulis – genera consul of Federative Republic of Germany, Mattias Shepp – managing director of group Knauf East Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States and other guests.

Packaging of bread will be done in paper package

С 2020 года хлеб в Беларуси начнут упаковывать в тару из бумагиThe government of Belarus decided to do stage by stage reduction of plastic package and to change it on ecological safety package from paper. Concern “Bellesbumprom” was included in this process, it signed with the factory “Minskkhlebprom” program of cooperation for 2020 focused on production of paper package for bakery goods. Production capacity of the concern allows increase production volume of paper package quickly for different kinds of food products either for industrial factories or retail chains.

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