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Bellesbumpron increased production on 26,1% for 8 months

Концерн "Беллесбумпром" наращивает объёмы производстваThe factories of “Bellesbumpron” in January-August,2020 increased the production in comparison with the same period last year on 26,1% (to 203,9 mln.dollars in absolute numbers), it was informed in press-service of the concern.
Products export increased on 29,7% (to 140,2 mln.dollars in absolute numbers). The factories supply on the foreign markets 68,6% of produced products ( dynamics is simple: in 2019 it was exported 55,7%, in 2018 – about 48,5%).

Scientists created clear wood which can replace the glass

Американские учёные изобрели прозрачную древесинуThe technology of getting clear wood which will be better than glass was developed in American laboratory of wood products together with specialists of the university of Colorado and Maryland
Wood of fast growing and the lightest in the world balsa is processed with special method, bleach and engrain with synthetic polymer.
As Kelin Montarany explained – chief researcher working under this project, clear wood has good heat insulation and energy saving qualities: material will allow to keep and generate heat. Natural cellulose and energy absorbing polymer pigment makes clear wood stronger and lighter than standard glass. It is easy to bend, hold shrewd thrusts and do not break on dangerous small pieces. Clear wood in 5 times better than window glass in energy-efficiency.

Exhibition PAP-FOR will be in St. Petersburg November 24-27, 2020

Выставка ЦБП России и стран СНГ PAP-FOR 2020 пройдёт в Питере Exhibition of pulp and paper industry in Russia and CIS countries PAP-FOR 2020 will be November 24-27, 2020 in St. Petersburg, KVTS “Expo-Forum. Participation has already been confirmed by world leaders of equipment market: Andritz, Siemens, Valmet, Voith, Elof Hansson, Fabio Perini, Jaeger, SchaeferRolls, JS Machine, KWI, Maflex, Metso, MVM, Nalco, Solenis, Sulzer, Stax and also leading producers of pulp-paper products in Russia and CIS countries including Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill, Krasnokamskaya paper mill “Goznak”, factories of the concern “Bellesbumprom”, “Obedinennye bumazhnye fabriki”, Group of factories “PTSBK”, AO “Yaroslavkaya bumaga” and others.

World market of pulp and paper industry in 2027 will reach 368,1 mld dollars

Доля мирового рынка целлюлозы и бумаги по категориям в 2019 году According to the data published report of Business Insights, world market of pulp and paper industry to 2019 was 348,83 mld.dollars. According to experts prediction the market will be grow on 0,8% per year and to 2027 its volume will be 368, 10 mld.dollars.
It expected that impulse for its development will be usage by young people platform of electronic commerce during purchase of cosmetics and food products. So, increasing of online retailing is shoed by China, India and Brazil.
Pandemia coronavirus became serious blow for global economy. It is not clear till now how long it will be this situation.
In their report experts of Fortune Business Insights analyze current problems of the sphere, possibility of its solving used by the players of the strategy and they try to find dominated regions and segments, dynamics.

Company Metsa Spring and Valmet will build pilot plant in Finland

Инновационные технологии изготовления тары для продуктов питания Middle Finland at lake shore Keitel) pilot plant for production of packaging f
or food products. Total price of the project is about 20 mln.euro. Short-term target is to design new, stable, pollution-free and simply maintenance packaging for food products. Technology which will be used during production of innovation product allows without intermediate stages to convert wood pulp to final fiber 3D products. Such products should be processed twice or can be decomposed without environmental damage.

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