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World market of hard packaging will be increasing on 3,2% per year

Рынок упаковки из гофрокартона, бумаги и полимеров ежегодно прирастает на 3,2% According to the data of analytic company Transparency Market Research, world market of hard packaging will be increasing averagely on 3,2% per year and reach to the year 2024 755, 9 mld.dollars.
Almost third part of the sum will be for the part of packaging for food products and drinks. Maximum increasing the demand for hard packaging is expected in  Asian-Oceanian countries.
The part of plastic and board-paper material during the production of hard packaging to the year 2024 will exceed 70%, besides producers like more renewable material  especially – biopolymers and corrugated board.

Import of paper and board from the Ukraine is restricted

Правительство РФ расширило список санкций по отношению к УкраинеRussia expanded sanction list relating to the Ukraine, it restricted import to the country of many products on paper and board. It is said about it in prescript published on website of Russian Government
Uncoated paper and board, paper and board of hand-made felting, uncoated craft paper and craft board, multilayers paper and board, corrugated paper and board, pieces of board, boxes, bags and other packaging are restricted.

Ministry of Industry and Trade suggests to fix duty 80% for wood export

Минпромторг России готовится перекрыть продажи за границу черновой древесиныMinistry of industry and trade of Russian Federation suggests from year 2024 to fix one duty for all types of unprocessed wood 0f 80% and also to refuse from export quota for this kind of product, the head of ministry Denis Manturov informed during the speech in “government hour” in Federation Council.
 “Later from the year 2024 we plan to refuse fully from quotas increasing the one duty till 80%”, he told.
Denis Manturov informed that from the year 2021 existing quota in the amount 4 mln.m3 will be decreased in two times.

Profit of Russian factories forest and industry complex in 2018 increased on 18%

На фоне кризиса лесопромышленный комплекс России активно развивается According to the year 2018 the profit of the factories of forest industry complex in Russia last year was 1,8 tn.rub. It is almost on 18% more than previous year deputy head of department forest, pulp and paper and wood processing industry Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Grigoriy Gusev reported.
“Total revenue increased on 18% and became 1,8 tn.rub.”- he told on economic forum in Krasnoyarsk.
According to the words of Grigoriy Gusev small increasing last year were in the following directions: plywood, paper, board and cellulose production.

Stora Enso stopped paper machine in Imatra (Finland)

Для снижения затрат Stora Esno останавливает БДМ 6 в Иматре (Финляндия) Stora Enso stopped paper machine in Imatra (Finland)
Finish&Swedish company Stora Enso published information, according to this it is already planned final shutdown of BM-6 at the plant in the town Imatra Finland. This event is done according to realization of corporate program protect of the profit and it is aimed to decreasing the expenses because of market volatility of pulp and paper industry. Negotiations with the staff in Imatra will be in the nearest time.
Besides this fact, the company plans to do some events for increasing the capacity of saw mills in Lucenay (Ala sawmill) and Estonian Imavere  (Imavere sawmill).

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