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Solar panels on paper base were manufactured in India

В Индии созданы солнечные панели на бумажной основеScientists of Indian institute of technology in Kanpur (Kanpur – one of the most populated cities of India in U.P. state) created ecologically friendly photoelectrical panels putting organic photo elements putting organic photo elements on the base of paper. Firstly, it  can be used in organic electronics where  it is necessary power elements and secondly there will not be problems with utilization finishing of operation life  of the equipment because paper decomposes quickly naturally.
The head of research group was Ayer: the participants were Eswaran Jayaraman, Madkhu Rawat and Sambatkumar Balasubramanian. The project is supported by the government of India.

Japanese scientists created heat-resistant bioplastic on the base of wood

Японские учёные изобрели безопасный термостойкий пластик из древесиныIt is not worse than traditional plastic in strength but during heating it does not disengage   harmful agent and environmentally safe because it decomposes naturally quickly and without rest.
As it is known plastic is one of the greatest problem of our time. It is difficult to imagine the development of modern civilization but at the same time any plastic is harmful for the planet the only factor of its existing because it produces from non-renewable natural resources – oil, gas and coal. Plastic almost does not dispose naturally and it means it destroy soil and saltwater ecosystem, it enters into atmosphere and collects in organisms of creatures.

Cellulose export from Russia for 8 months of the year 2020 increased on 7,5%

Суммарный объём экспорта целлюлозы из России с января по август выросExport volume of wood cellulose from Russia for the period from January to August this year increased on 7,5 % in annual basis ( to 1,47 mln.ton in absolute meaning), it was informed in Federal Customs Service of Russia.
According to the same data the cost of foreign suppliers of Russia cellulose decreased on 14,3 (or to 637,1 mln dollars in absolute meaning). 

International exhibition moved to November 2021

Организаторы PAP-FOR 2020 объявили о переносе мероприятия на 2021 годCompany "Reed Exhibitions Russia",organizer of the exhibition  PAP-FOR declared about moving the date of the exhibition to November next year. We remind you: the event must be in St.Petersburg in KVTS “Expoforum” from 24 to November 27, 2020.  
According to the decree of the government St.Petersburg dated November 11,2020 because of the coronavirus from November 11,2020 to January 15, 2021 it is forbidden to have congress-exhibition arrangements with more 50 people.

Production volume of paper and board on the Ukraine decreased on 1,2%

По данным УкрПапир производство бумаги и картона в Украине падаетAccording to the data published by the association “UkrPapir” industrial production volume  of paper and board in the Ukraine from January to September, 2020 decreased on 1,2% in comparison with the same period of 2019.
Production of container board (including fluting) decreased on 5,7% and production volume of container board decreased on 10.5%.  In September in comparison to August this year production volume of paper and board decreased on 5,5% (or 70,6 thous.ton in absolute value).

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