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Учёные создали технологию 3D-печати объектов на основе целлюлозы

Разработана технология трёхмерной печати из целлюлозных волоконУчёные из Швейцарии нашли способ обработки целлюлозы с помощью 3D-печати с целью создания объектов практически неограниченной сложности, содержащих большое количество целлюлозы, сообщается в пресс-релизе Швейцарской высшей технической школы Цюриха. Подробнее процесс опубликован в журнале "Advanced Functional Materials".
Технология объединяет метод прямой рукописной печати и процесс уплотнения материала, который позволяет увеличить содержание целлюлозы в отпечатанном объекте до 27%.

Producers of board in Belarus work in standard mode

Производство картона в Белоруссии на время эпидемии CoVid-19 не прервётсяProducers of board, board containers and paper in Belarus work with the load no less the level for the same period of the last year, it was informed in Bellesbumprom.
 «...In order to prevent the spreading of virus diseases the plants took all necessary measures to work the plants in standard mode.

Production of containers and packaging material during the quarantine will not be stopped

Производство тары и упаковочных материалов в период карантинаOfficial letter of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation № 23435/08 dated 03.04.2020
Department of consumer goods industry and forest-industry complex Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation viewed conversion of non-profit organization “National conference of packagers” dated 27.03.2020 № 1-20/176 and Self-regulatory organization Association “League processers of waste paper” dated 01.04.2020 on the issue of fulfillment decree of the President RF № 206 dated 25.03.2020 “About announcing of non-working days in Russia” (further-decree) and informs.

Scientists decided that the virus lives on the board less than 24 hours

Выбирайте продукты в картонной таре. Берегите здоровье!Published by American scientists investigation showed that the coronavirus HCoV-19 causing the pandemic Covid-19 can be kept at the packaging from 24 hours to 3 days, it depends on the surface of packaging material. The investigation doing by employees of Princeton University and National Health Institute (NIH) in Montana estimates spreading of HCoV-19 on definite conditions and the speed of spreading breaking the virus.

How will the coronavirus influence of packaging sphere?

Как повлияет эпидемия коронавируса на упаковочную индустриюThe internet –publication «Neue Verpackung» published material devoted to the influence of CoVid-2019 on packaging industry.
Crisis as a chance
Firstly, the situation with the coronavirus will show which company reached during the last years good positions at the market, especially from the viewpoint of the staff. In some staff the unity inside the company in increasing and in other the whole teams can be divided. 

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