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Board production

History of the factory began more than century ago, and it connects with the production of technical kind of paper. Today the board on JSC "Proletariy" is produced on 4 paper machines. Each machine is unequal. 
Electrical insulating and gasket board is produced on BM №1, there is no any analogue neither in Russian or in near abroad countries. 
Electrical insulating board is used in power industry for production of the gaskets and housing of the reels in the motors, in transformers with oil and air filling and in radio technical equipment. Reliability of the equipment depends on the quality of used board. Main requirement to the electrical insulating board is electrical strength, stiffness to the electrical breakdown and physical and mechanical properties. Thanks to careful choosing of the raw material, technological peculiarities of BM №1 and long experience electrical insulating board which produced now on PM №1 is the best board not only in Russia but in the world market.
Another kind of the board on BM №1 is gasket board. This kind of board is unique its universality. Others manufacturers produce the moistureproof board or resistance to the oil, petrol, antifreezing agent and so on.  Board produced on JSC "Proletariy" is resistance to all mentioned corrosive mediums.
The rebuild of stock preparation department was done on BM №3 and BM №4, it allowed to increase the board production (approximately on 10 %), to improve the quality of the products and the face of the board. Both machines have control quality systems, it allowed to warrant stability of the characteristics of produced products in machine direction. 
New dryer wires and new automation wire guides systems were installed on BM №4 after rebuild. After the rebuild of press and dryer sections the capacity of the machine increased on 15 %.
The board produced on BM №3   and BM №4 is unique according to all characteristics. Basis for book binder board is easier than the same board which produced on the others factories. And all physical mechanical properties are kept the same. Beside board machines on the factory there is a slitter coiler, it allowed to sell the board in spools if necessary. 
In spite of the fact that the workshop №1 is the oldest on the factory, it is always rebuilt and developed. It is introduced technical and technological decisions of popular equipment manufacturers and own engineer developments.   New chemicalsare usually used in production. Some kinds of technical board which produced in workshop №1 do not have any analogue neither in Russia nor even in Europe.