2010 year


Complex investing plan rebuild of Surazh was agreed on state commission on economic development and integration. This district center is company town, it means most people work on one or some factories. Main factory in Surazh is ZAO “Proletariy”. According to this project it will be creation of new working place and also development of small and medium business. It would be decided expect economic issues also social issues first of all it is immigration from emergency accommodation. 5 mln.rub will be allotted by federal budget for repair of buildings.


Region football championship was finished. The winner was “Proletariy” from Surazh sixth time. Last tour was not decisive, never the less they won team from Dyatkovo. We scored 11 goals, 6 goals were scored by Roman Shpachkov. He was the best player of the tour, he scored 36 goals. “Vtormet” from Bryansk was on the 2nd place, “Sokol” from Klintsy was on the 3rd place. Teams “Ankor” and “Zenit” left from division. “Arsenal” BGITA and “Electron” from unecha will play in tour.


In region football championship 17the tour was played. Leaders of the tourney “Proletariy” from Surazh, “Vtormet” from Bryansk and “Sokol” from Seltso won its matches. But team “Prioskolie – SKA” lost in Bolshoe Polpino. Tour of region championship will begin tomorrow.


In football championship in Seltso 2 main challengers for victory “Proletariy” and “Sokol” met in the match.
Stadium in Seltso was opened after rebuild. Shower, fitting-rooms, gym were repaired. New chairs were installed. The field her is one of the best field in region. In the middle of first part guests scored the goal. Up to the end the score was not changed. And now champion “Proletariy” was on the top of tour table.


Region football championship was started. In the first match “Proletariy” met with “Spartak” from Pochep. The final score was 6:0.  This season the competitor of “Proletariy” will be “Dinamo”, Lokomotiv”, “Metalurg”, “Arsenal” and “Sokol”.


After Bryansk “Dinamo” region football teams opened season.
The first match was on community shield. Champion of last season and owner of region cup met in it. It is “Proletariy” from Surazh and “Dinamo”. Match was on artificial field in Klintsy. It was a real battle. In general the game was correct, but there were some violations. In the first part the player from “Proletariy” was benched.  Main time finished with score 0:0. In additional time “Dinamo” scored 3 goals. At the end the score was 3:0 in favor of “Dinamo. 

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