2007 year

The plot about football - VGTRK “Bryansk”

VGTRK Bryansk - the story about ZAO "Proletariy"


Today “Dinamo” from Bryansk has match of Russia superiority. This team will play in Kursk with “Avangard”. Thegamewillbeat 4 p.m. On the eve it was game for region football match. Teams “Bezgitsa” and “Proletariy”met in final. After break there were first results and goals. The score was 1-0 in our favor. Then opposite team scored the goal.



Region champion was determined. Three years running it is “Proletariy”. For the first place some teams were frighten.  Only two competitors were to the end of final tour. “Bezgitsa” leftfrom “Proletariy” onthree scores. The game between “Proletariy” and “Lokomotiv” finished with score 7:2. Ruslan Tishchenko scored 4 goals.
One match was in region calendar. The winner will be determined after the game between “Proletariy” and “Bezgitsa”.


Matches of 6th tour was played in region football championship.
The score was opened in the beginning of match between “Proletariy” and “Zenit”. Beautiful goal was scored from far distance by Eduard Kapranov. Many playere from Zurazh played for Zhekovka before, so this game was interesting.
The secong goal Ruslan Tischchenko scored. The score was 2:0 to the break. On the second tour main shooter Roman Shpachkov appeared on the field. Fistly he scored free kich and then penalty. In thisgame Roman score 4 goals. The result was 6:0. Among other results: “Dinamo” won “Mebelischchik” 3:0, “Bezhitsa” won team from Dubrovka with score 3:1. Dubler is on the first place, then Bezhitsa and Surazh.


Region championship of two last years “Proletariy” began the season successfully. In the match with Dubrovskiy “Dorozhnik” our team opened the score on the second minute. Team from Dubrovka looked helpless. Before the team was helped players from Bryansk and even Smolenskay region, but now they should count on their local players. Result was not merry. In the first tour the score was 3:0 in our favor.
In the second time the score increased. Spachkov scored 4 goals on this game. But the most beautiful goal was scored by local player Zhorov. The result was 8:0. As usually the fans celebrated the victory well. The biggest victories also had “Dinamo” and “Bezhitsa”. These teams are on the top of the table.


The winner of last season “Proletariy” from Surazh also is a challenger to the champion. Our team played with team “Starodub”. Before this team was almost the main competitor of our team. But some skillful players left this team and now the teal is only developed. The score was opened by Tishin. And the second goal was wonderful. The goal was scored by Sergei Zhorov and keeper could not save his team.
On the second time dangerous moments were not so much. The result was 2:0; “Proletariy” began from victory.


In Surazh professional lyceum it was begun the preparation of the specialists for local factory. So it is the president program of preparation labor. Lyceums and colleges in this case are the first step of that ladder which is going to working profession.
Operator of the machine for paper and board production, this specialty is taught 30 boys from Surazh. Special subjects and practice are taught on the factory “Proletariy”. One year ago the management of ZAO “Proletariy” suggested to lyceum to begin target preparation the specialists of the factory. Lyceum supported this proposal. It was competitive tender on new speciality three persons on one place.

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