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10 tendencies of the market in 2021

Упаковка в 2021 году станет более удобной и экологичнойCompany PTIS together with constant partner Leading Futurists LLC is known that it collects data from all spheres for forming 10 years predictions for their program “Future of the packaging”. In spite that many predictions made in 2019 are still correct, some of them get additional confirmation when the company find relevant decisions. Experienced specialists in the sphere of packaging necessary to concentrate on mentioned factors to provide itself and company success in the year 2021.

1.    Disruptive innovation. According to the words of co-incorporator and partner PTIS Mike Richmond new technologies will have big value in modern process of producing packaging production. It expects quick growth usage of digital intelligence so called “clever packaging” and also technologies of added and virtual reality in the year 2021.
По словам соучредителя и партнера PTIS Майка Ричмонда, новые технологии будут иметь
2.    Focus of capacity. Todd Bukovsky partner PTOS  predicts focus on operating efficiency. To reach this many big and small producers will begin postpone long-term trend of increasing warehouse stock. Quantity of warehouse stock will be decreased also to decrease requirement in changing of production equipment. To reach transport costs many companies try to locate production closer to local markets where it is possible.
3.    Automation increasing. Everybody agrees that producers who want “to alive” have to accelerate automation of their packaging lines. There are many factors influenced on automation including lack of qualified manpower, speed of production, safety of technological process and so on. It is expected increasing of usage robot technology for packaging processing  and set of goods.
4.    Analyst in real time. More packaging lines will be put sensors for collecting parameters which are shown in real time mode on information panels. Firstly, it will allow to the operators, repair teams and engineer staff to find and solve faults. Most likely companies will not be able to use all collected data because it will be so much data; but managers will rely more on artificial intelligence for analysis of data in order to increase the production.

5.    Remote service. The key to production – keeping packaging lines in operation. In the conditions of pandemic and lockdown suppliers of the equipment are not able to provide quick technical service. That is why requires for maintenance  are doing remote now, it helps to avoid long and expensive trips. Representatives of service department will use such technologies as smart glasses and additional reality for diagnostic and help to local staff in trouble shooting. Such technologies are able to allow some expert to visualize equipment and suggest relevant decision for repair.

6.    Changing the format of work. In 2020 many employees had to work remotely; and this tendency will continue this year. Of course, part of the staff is main staff and they must stay at the mill. However, managers, designers, engineers and some other not main specialties are able to continue to work remotely without detriment to production process. Increased level of automation will allow to do remotely such actions as field tests, equipment diagnostic and others.
7.    Focus on stable development. In spite of obvious economical slack consumer demand  will stimulate forces on increasing ecological safety of packaging. Most likely, in 2021 the demand on returnable packing will be increased. Increasing the strength of packaging products for multiple use will lead to increasing the costs. It remains to be seen if consumers put up with chafe and dents on the packaging for more ecological safety of the product.
8.    Expanded responsibility of producers. Climate changing is a serious problem for all countries and rejects from packaging are one of the factors influenced on this measure. Management of all countries is not able to ignore this problem. Particularly, new administration of the USA makes serious steps to environmental protection. Likely, rules of extended responsibility of producers will be implanted. Producers and suppliers of packaging show more recognizing of conception of stable development. In the nearest future in the USA as minimum five states plan to use new schedule of control increasing over the costs of producers related to packaging rejects.
9. Packaging role in branding. Packaging will play more important role in branding. Consumers expect that  packaging companies “will do right choice” during the production of material and design of packaging. It will determine packaging the key part of branding.  
10. Ultra-comfortable packaging. Comfort became the main factor during designing of new packaging. Producers have to look for the ways to do packaging more comfortable and create convincing and visual representation for consumers improved and their sensory perception. All concepts increasing the easy handling, freshness of the product and easy utilization will add attraction of the brand at competitive market. Packaging must be designed so it can be used in retail business, especially on fast growing market of electronic and remote commerce.



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