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Green light to Bryansk football

Moscow recognized about scandal concerned the opening of football season in Bryansk region. When the match for the super cup was cancelled and the letter of the president of Bryansk region football federation to the regional manager of sport Valeriy Korneev did not give any results, Andrei Artemiev called to the managers of RFU and told the problem about certificates of sport constructions in Bryansk region. Next day the meeting of the president Bryansk region football federation with General Director of RFU Mr. Alaev in Moscow was appointed.

It was a lot negative emotions in RFU because of this situation with Bryansk football and because of inactivity of local authority which within 1,5 years after the federal law was released did not take any measures concerting with sport certifications. The lawyers found the decision of this problem. Most of Bryansk and regional stadiums of BRFF has the right to get 6 category itself. The limitation will be to have at this places competitions only regional level.  It is enough in order Bryansk regional football championship can get “green light”.
General Director of RFU promised to tell about the problem of Bryansk football Mr. Mutko and to help with acceleration the work with certifications of the stadiums.  Mow the confirmed committee is preparing the documents on all sport places of the region in order to register them. State duty for every owner of the place will be 10-15 thous.rub.
Meantime the match for the football super cup of Bryansk region was hold. The place was stadium “Dinamo”.
And the beginning of the championship and the superiority of the region is planned May 5-5, if new problems o not appear. We hope very soon we will be able to cheer for our team “Proletariy”, which was given the number one according to drawing procedure. Date of the first match was already declared.  
Football club “Proletariy” in the first tour will meet with football club “Medved” (Bryansk). The match will be May 6 on the stadium Iput (Surazh).


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