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Prohibition against waste disposal of pulp and paper industry

Отходы целлюлозно-бумажной промышленности будут перерабатыватьсяAccording to the statement of the Russian Federation Government from 2019 it will be prohibition against waste disposal of pulp and paper industry, that is: industrial board, paper, paper and board packaging, corrugated packaging, corrugated board and so on.  Decree developed by nature ministry of the Russian Federation dated July 25, 2017 has already signed by Mr. Medvedev D. – Russian Federation premier-minister.
According to this statement together with waste disposal of pulp and paper industry is forbidden to burry ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, mercury vapor lamp, mercury temperature measures and other sensors where mercury is used and also scrap of aluminum cans and aluminum foil.

Upon the application of Mr. Donskoy Sergei the head of nature ministry of the Russian Federation, the target of this statement is to stimulate of processing  solid municipal waste, it will improve ecological situation in the country and allow to get additional profit. “… In order to prepare the market of processing, this   embargo will start step by step” – Mr.Donskoy Sergei added.
The appendix to the mentioned decree has 182 items where the goods which lost their consumer properties listed. Besides the waste of pulp and paper industry, paper and technical board, board packaging and corrugated container there are auto tire and treads, polyethylene and polyethelene package, glass and glass containers. It is interesting that this list includes computers computer devices, car battery, electric tools and other household device. If processing the waste of pulp and paper industry works for a long and successfully (our factory produces industrial board, corrugated packaging and corrugated board only from recyclable materials), aluminum cans, foil, rubber and glass begin to recycle. But for example the market of recycling of household devices and electric devices is not developing almost and in two years the situation will not change.
It is worth to mention that today according to the official statistics only 7,5% municipal solid waste in Russia (about 5,33 ton) recycled and the other part of it is buried.


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