There was a big meeting  about the issues of rebuild BM-5 on ZAO “Proletariy”, local economic mainstay. Member of Bryansk region duma from Surazh district Nicolay Patov took part in this meeting. “Proletariy” is the oldest Russian factory for board production.  The factory could undergo crisis time. Today “Proletariy” occupies about 7% of Russian board market. “Proletariy” deliveries its products not only in Russia but also near abroad countries. The factory produces 100 000 ton of the board per year and pays to budget more than 200 mln.rub. But “Proletariy” can produce more.

 It will be realized in September rebuild project to the value of 1,5mld. rub. 100 heavy trucks with equipment will arrive in Surazh from Europe
In order to discuss and coordinate financial, tax, customs and current issues according to the realization of this project representatives of region executive and legislative authority, directors of all structures.
One of important issue of the meeting as General Director noticed is the building of new bridge on the entrance to Surazh. Central roads of Surazh are in bad condition because of active moving of the trucks to the factory.
Process of rebuild will increase the capacity twice. “Proletariy” is ready to develop and import substituting and the deliveries to some part of Europe whose orders are already on the factory.  It means volume of the transport will increase in two times. Only corrugated department is ready to take and to send not less 1000 trucks per month.  These roads could not carry out.  In order to solve this problem is appearance new road to the factory.
“Of course, the factory could not make the road and to build the bridge itself.  After such serious and expensive project of rebuild, 60% the factory realize at the expense of credit  it is not also possible to speak about the condition of co-financing, -member of Bryansk region duma Nicolay Patov noticed at the result of the meeting.
Now it is necessary to discuss this issue, to check possible financial resources. Region should be proud of such factories as “Proletariy” in Surazh but also to help it. Moreover new road will allow improve road situation in Surazh”. 

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