Elections 2018 in Surazh. Our future is in our hands!

Будущее зависит от нас! Выборы президента России. АО ПролетарийMarch 18, 2018 the elections of Russian President will be hold. According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation with the way of equal and direct general ballot vote the head of the government will be chosen for 6 years.
In order the staff of JSC “Proletariy” living in Surazh and Surazh district who will work in the shift at this day has the opportunity to vote the management of the mill make some changes in the schedule of the shifts.

And at this day staff who will work at the main production will be provided the transport for taking to voting places located in Surazh. Foreign ad people living in Surazh district will get the opportunity to vote at their place of residence registration: the management of JSC “Proletariy” will provide necessary changes in the schedule of the staff.
     We remind that according to the changes in Russian legislation, voters who have the registration in other town will be able to vote at their actual staying without absentee voting certificate. For this it is necessary only to give necessary statement in the actual staying. It is possible to do in the nearest MFC, at online at the site gos uslugi before 45 days or at any ballot commission not later than March 13. Temporary and permanent foreign workers of JSC Proletariy it is more convenient to do it in MFC located at the address: Surazh, Lenina Str. 51. More detail information you can find at the site of Central Elections Commission of Russia.
Only at the territory of Bryansk region at the day of election it will work 1109   ballot station;    the civil duty can do everyone. Don’t stand aside! The future of your family, Surazh and the whole country will depend on your decision!


Погода в Сураже