Together we managed with environment

On the weekends there was heavy snowfall in Bryansk region. In 17 regions of the region there were break of electrotransmission lines. Totally 136 places were without power.  The half pf Surazh district was without electric power and water.  For solving the problem with breaking of electric lines in Surazh district there were 18 people and 7 pieces of equipment from mobile team of distribution team. However the volume of the accident was so big that with own force they were not able to solve it. Mobile team of emergency services ministry joined to help.  The power was switched on in Surazh  to 11 p.m. February 4.

The situation was worse in the district. To help Surazh electric team 11 additional teams from Brasov, Krasya Gora, Mglin, Klintsy, Zlynka, Klimovo and Suzemka. Thank to cooperative effort of mobile teams of emergency service and the staff of “BryanskElectro” Februry 6 power supply in Surazh disctric was switched on. For removing the snow on the roads leading to Surazh villages Surazhskiy DRSU provided 13 pieces of equipmet. Another 4 machines were provided by MUP “Poligon” for cleaning the roads in villages. The town was cleaned by “MUP Blagoustroistvo” and UK “Zhilservice”. Big support in cleaning the snow was provided by agriculture enterprises “Serp and Molot”, SPK “Voskhod” and SPK “Zapadny”. People of Surazh and Surazh district thanked all people who took part in solving the problem with power and with cleaning the snow!

Погода в Сураже